Design Themes for 2015
from IDEO Futures

King Ship Pod No. 10 is live

In King Ship Pod No. 10, we look ahead to some design themes we'll be exploring at IDEO Futures in 2015. We'd like to invite you to a conversation about four design themes we consider important and inspiring.

We believe that these four design themes are, if not the most interesting ones out there, at least great areas to start exploring in order to learn by doing. We hope these will help guide our Startup in Residence program, help us connect to interesting entrepreneurs outside of IDEO, and guide our own human-centered design of new IDEO ventures. They’re literally in their infancy, so all debate, feedback, and alternative recommendations are most welcome:

  1. Hacking Creativity + Design Thinking: for example, tools like Noam, and Paper by 53.
  2. Humanizing Smart Things: how do we make the Internet of Things and ambient intelligence an awesome experience? Like our latest IDEO Startup in Residence Catalia Health.
  3. Tools for Trust: Blockchain and new ways for people who don’t trust each other to trust each. See our friend Joi Ito’s recent essayabout Bitcoin and Blockchain.
  4. BioDesign: the price of biotechnology is going down significantly. As these technologies become more accessible, how might they enable new, personalized diagnostic offerings, as well as new ways of creating products and experiences? Hampton Creek is a fabulous example of the latter.

Please give pod No. 10 a listen and let us know what you think! Again, none of these themes are set in stone. Send us a tweet at @ideofutures or an email at

Also, tune in to find out what happened to our friend Madison’s desk! Hint: be careful when you go on vacation at IDEO.

And as always, King Ship is available on iTunes. Please subscribe here. Enjoy!

Ne paraveris, incipe!

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