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How I met Hilma Af Klint

And began a spiritual apprenticeship that would lead me to paint ninety six paintings in five months.

Perhaps it’s a stretch to say I met Hilma Af Klint at a party.

During the pandemic, my social life was a meditation group I attended on zoom. Mark, a deeply kind intuitive, ( and, I suspect angel in human form) would lead a guided group meditation where we visualized, sensed, imagined Archangels, Ascended Masters, and sometimes the spirits of poets, painters and musicians who would come through to offer healing, wisdom and guidance.

It was mid October, and on that evening, Hilma af Klint came forward. Mark explained Hilma was a visionary painter from Sweden, who channeled her paintings.

I don’t remember what her message was on that night but I remember, as soon as I heard her name, I had to know more. As soon as the meditation ended I looked her up.

The first thing I found was that two years ago the exhibition of paintings at the Guggenheim had broken attendance records. Hers was the most popular art exhibition they’d every had.

You only had to look at her paintings to understand why. The series exhibited in the Guggenheim was part of a larger body of work which she had channeled from “higher beings.” ( more on that later)

The colors and the playfulness of the shapes reminded me a bit of Cezanne. But they were filled with symbols — some I recognized from astrology, a symbolic language woven into the colors and other images. Some of the shapes looked like wave forms. They were like nothing I had ever seen. They spoke to me.

I wanted to know more. Down the rabbit hole I went to discover everything I could about Hilma Af Klint.

The more I learned about her, the more enthralled and fascinated by her — her life, her artistic journey, and visible paths that journey expressed in her paintings.

Before I tell you what I learned and how it affected me, I invite you to look her up and discover her work for yourself.

Perhaps her art too, will change your life, as she and her art has changed mine.



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Suzanne LaGrande

Suzanne LaGrande

Writer, artist, host of Disobedient Femmes & The Voice Plays podcasts. Interested in personal transformation & collective liberation.