Ronny Sage
Feb 28 · 3 min read

Find out their wants and needs, and learn about a streamlined solution to help build trust & loyalty with this generation.


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We get it… you’re probably sick of hearing about Millennials, even if you are one. Let’s just admit Millennials get a bad rap (lazy, entitled, narcissistic) which is quite the assumption for a massive, diverse population that was born from 1981–1996. And even though Millennials went through one of the worst economic downturns, graduating college with the largest debts in our history, they stayed resilient.

Time has passed, and even though major life milestones (getting married, buying a home, having kids) have been delayed, their careers are blossoming which means more expendable income than ever before. With money, comes power, and that power is exactly what is making companies tune into their needs as their buying power increases.

So the question is, what does this generation want?

Unlike generations before, Millennials are perfectly happy giving away data to corporations, but in return — they expect it to be used wisely. They are telling us what they want, those that listen will benefit immensely.

Now more than ever, consumers are bombarded with purchasing reminders. Brands have more access and exposure to their customer, which is why consumer engagement is really what sets one brand apart from the rest. Brand loyalty is a two-way street, create engaging opportunities and you’ll quickly find out who is paying attention.

Last, but not least…

Millennials care. They care about the impact their money makes, they care about what brands stand for, they expect brands to be socially responsible. For a generation that gets a bad rap, they are encouraging the world to give back and rally together through purchasing power to create positive change.

So now that you know a little about what they want, what are you doing to meet those needs?

Learn more about how this generation is changing the shopping experience, and find out a streamlined solution to create brand trust & loyalty.

[Full infographic]

The Impact Exchange

A Publication focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

Ronny Sage

Written by

The Impact Exchange

A Publication focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

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