The Surprising Lessons We Learned at LA Techday 2016

A few members of our awesome team!

“Together we are unstoppable.” – Impact Health’s third company value

Every morning our six company values are automatically posted in Slack. They help keep our distributed team focused on the why behind everything that we do. But there’s a difference between seeing a value in text and seeing it in action. Our team experienced the latter at LA Techday yesterday.

Getting ready for Techday

Techday is a mass gathering of a city’s startup community where hundreds of startups showcase their products and services. It’s a great way to connect with the local tech community, press, and investors while attracting potential customers.

Thanks to some lost emails, we only had a week to prepare for the event, which meant that we had a limited amount of time to do a million and one things… while handling the workload of a startup that’s currently in hypergrowth. It was a lot to take on for our small team, but thanks to great teamwork and a lot of hustle, we were able to make it happen in time.

At Techday we learned that….

  1. Our team is pretty good at handling stressful situations. You really get to know the people you work with when you’re planning for an event with a time crunch. Luckily, there were no arguments or blowouts. We worked together seamlessly with zero drama. It was the embodiment of our second value — “Respect for individuals, no assholes allowed.”
  2. People were really excited to come to a health insurance booth… because we were giving away free candy. But, surprisingly, many people stayed to learn more about how we simplify the health insurance experience. We were concerned that no one would want to talk to us (because health insurance = boring), but during the entire seven hours we were there we never had more than a couple minutes of free time.
  3. Our new team member is ahmaaaazing. Techday just also happened to be our new director of growth’s first day. Starting a new job (especially at a startup) can be overwhelming, even more so when you’re expected to talk to countless people about a company that you yourself are just getting to know. But our new team member Nicole handled it like a boss. She was there early and talked to potential customers with ease. We (unintentionally) threw her into the deep end, and she swam like a champ.

All in all we had a great time spreading the word about Impact Health, bonding as a team, and connecting with all the cool local startups. And we’re already looking forward to (and planning for) next year’s event. But until then, you can get a sense of our full Techday experience through our tweets below.