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Impact Union grows innovative organisations with peer leadership, universal skills building, constructive collaboration, and by shattering survivorship bias and the hero illusion. We don’t have all the answers in our programme. But we know the best practices for finding them.

The Impact Union
Nov 21, 2018 · 2 min read


For 12 change-making organisations, Impact Union will lead a weekend programme in 2019 that’s designed to help a diverse community of entrepreneurs to discover the best path forward in the challenges and difficulties they face while pursuing their important missions.

This community we convene will be better at solving the organisational and systemic problems they face than their peers. This will not be because they’re naturally gifted or because of the leadership and direction we give them during the programme. It will because we surround them with a network of like-minded peers, specifically selected and supported in their offering of alternative viewpoints. Diversity — both in nature and in constructed practice — improves survivability and allows us to thrive.

The Impact Union will offer applicant organisations the environment and opportunity to cultivate diverse, enriching and useful networks and relationships, and Impact Union has put together a forward-looking peer-guided programme to celebrate and encourage this. It has three core tenets; areas to explore as organisations tackling significant and meaningful challenges.

1. Narrative and collaborative storytelling
2. Work and constructive conflict
3. Problem solving

Each of these areas to explore will be addressed in a robust set of mentor-led sessions, peer-led explorations, and other activities championing innovative approaches to tackling the challenges faced in addressing big 21st century problems.

At the end of the January Impact Union event, we will host a positive un-conference, in which participants, the innovation and sustainable development community of Cambridge, and the best of the UK’s tech and social change leadership come together to showcase, explore and support the next generation of progress that we can make.

Our first expression of this programme will take place 18–20 January, 2019. Applicant spots still remain — if you are, or know, a high potential organisation that would want to be a part of this vision for the future, head to to apply.

The Impact Union

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