What types of entrepreneur?

Impact Union is looking for change-making leaders. People who are collaborative, and who are trying hard to solve the world’s problems at scale. These are the kinds of criteria we consider when we’re reviewing applications.

The Impact Union
Oct 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Apply to Union 19 in January: www.theimpactunion.com

You are a leader, an expert, or in charge of your project.

Many of the challenges we’re looking to solve with the Impact Union are the seemingly-intractable ones. “Sustainably providing everyone with shelter, food, energy, clean water and air, sanitation, education, decent work, peace and justice, health and wellbeing, fairness and equality, and maintaining shared goods such as biodiversity” – these are the challenges of our time. The types of people we want to work with in the Impact Union are the leaders of projects that are trying to solve these problems, despite how hard they are, because solving them is important enough to try. That’s a definition of leadership we have come to embrace.

You are working on a problem that’s important enough to matter, and hard enough that you need help.

Modeled loosely off of the UN goals for Sustainable Development, the Impact Union’s priority problems are the ones affecting millions or billions of people. These problems are solvable, but not easily, and their solving would make a significant impact in the gross prosperity of our world. Are you working on one of these problems?

You’re already hard at work.

The leaders we’re trying to help with the Impact Union are in some way already building a work-in-progress. Creating a new organisation is hard, and progress comes in many stages, but it’s important to us that your initiative is important enough to you that you’re not waiting for us to give it a go. We’re hoping you’re already hard at work on solving your problem, and that you’re looking to us to help you solve it better.

You’re not solving this problem on your own – you have support around you.

Even (maybe especially) if you’re not from a traditional startup background, the Impact Union can help you affect the lives of millions around the world. But the types of challenges we’re talking about normally need the solutions of a team of change-makers, not solo entrepreneurs. It’s hard to build these kinds of solutions, and we find engaging with teams of people to be more effective than one-person initiatives.

Do you identify with the above criteria? Would you like some support and engagement as you go about your work? We’re the same, and we’re building a network and an ecosystem around the world of people just like you. If you’re ready to join, apply today to be a part of our inaugural weekend, Union 19 on the 18–20 January, 2019.

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The Impact Union

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