This publication is a repository for writings that you created from a place of pain, turmoil, darkness, frustration, regret, or despair. Dark, cynical, and self-deprecating humor have a place as well! This may have happened while you were under the influence of some sort of self-administered medication. There are things that many of us write that don’t fit neatly into other publication formats, but are too good to abandon or just post on our own pages.

You can throw out convention or the need to model your writing according to some sort of blogging “best practices” nonsense. Just take a deep breath, maybe have a drink (or whatever), and write from the heart. Sometimes we get so caught up in attempting to avoid negativity and/or seek to inspire that we ignore our own inner demons and the cathartic benefit of truthfully writing from those darker, more cynical places that we find ourselves in.

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