100 Life Lessons

  1. Give yourself time to explore.
  2. Actively work on identifying your purpose.
  3. Build your own routine.
  4. Keep that routine sacred everyday.
  5. Read every day.
  6. Write every day.
  7. Schedule a coffee meeting (even if you don’t drink coffee).
  8. Join a coworking center or find a community that works for you.
  9. Save your money for traveling.
  10. Use social media for good.
  11. Value your own time…
  12. …but value the time of others more.
  13. Ask, “How can I help?” more often.
  14. Introduce yourself to the stranger sitting next to you.
  15. Make time for others.
  16. When you do, listen more than you speak.
  17. Try changing your surroundings based on your task at hand.
  18. Don’t project onto others.
  19. Share your thoughts with others.
  20. Give people feedback…
  21. …but only when they ask for it.
  22. Set a long-term goal to pursue.
  23. Break your long-term goal down into daily, short-term action steps.
  24. Set aside at least 10% of each paycheck into a savings account.
  25. Ask harder questions.
  26. Practice making your own decisions.
  27. Volunteer your time to help others.
  28. Smile at strangers.
  29. Find some sort of physical activity that works for you.
  30. Understand that money is simply a tool, not a path to happiness.
  31. Start a side project…
  32. …and share it with at least one other person.
  33. Regret doing something rather than not doing something.
  34. Realize it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.
  35. Make a list of your ideas.
  36. Eat your favorite things…
  37. …but also try new things.
  38. Try meditating for 10 minutes each day for a week.
  39. Cook food with others.
  40. Try to solve problems that are bigger than yourself.
  41. Sleep more.
  42. Try more things on your own.
  43. Rediscover the city you live in.
  44. Provide more value than your ask for.
  45. Geek out about the things that excite you.
  46. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you in the right ways.
  47. Take initiative when reconnecting with friends.
  48. Share your story before you’re “ready.”
  49. Identify your personal values and look for others who share them.
  50. Do a brain dump at least once a month.
  51. Always have a good book in your queue.
  52. Keep in mind that everyone is fighting their own battle.
  53. Try to address problems head on.
  54. Say, “thank you” more.
  55. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  56. Have a plan…
  57. …but allow that plan to change.
  58. Discuss ideas, not other people.
  59. Make progress, no matter how small.
  60. Ask others for help when you need it.
  61. Always offer a solution whenever you identify a problem.
  62. Talk with others who disagree with you.
  63. Try and be more patient.
  64. Don’t complain.
  65. Remember, it’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.
  66. Aim for meaningful conversation.
  67. Look someone in the eyes when you’re talking to them.
  68. Identify your habits, both good and bad.
  69. Stay curious.
  70. Learn something new every day.
  71. Think about how your words and actions will affect someone else.
  72. Don’t hold yourself to someone else’s expectations.
  73. Be unreasonable.
  74. Don’t project your own truth onto others.
  75. Embrace your inner nerd.
  76. Share your passion with others; it can be contagious.
  77. Try and be more vulnerable with others.
  78. Talk with others while walking.
  79. Don’t say, “I’m sorry” unless you truly are.
  80. Gather others around a table.
  81. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
  82. Move at your own pace…
  83. …but don’t be afraid to push yourself.
  84. Be thoughtful and sincere in your compliments.
  85. Ask for constructive feedback.
  86. Set clear expectations for yourself.
  87. Be as clear and concise as possible.
  88. Don’t let perfection sabotage progress.
  89. Be honest with yourself.
  90. Ask someone their name and shake their hand.
  91. Speak your mind…
  92. …and give others a chance to speak theirs.
  93. Surround yourself with people who will support and challenge you.
  94. Be audacious with your dreams…
  95. …and realistic with your expectations.
  96. Make time for the people who matter the most.
  97. Give more than you take.
  98. Learn to find opportunity anywhere you look.
  99. Take time to appreciate what’s around you.
  100. Don’t forget to remind yourself of these lessons.

What do you think these life lessons? Do you have anything else to add?
Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter at @williamfrazr.

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