Reading Rainbow Review: Search Inside Yourself

A couple of months after getting a kindle HD, something strange happened to me: I lost the desire to read books…on digital devices. So I started perusing amazon and buying paper books that were suggested by mentors, peers, and captains of industry. Since I’m asked from time to time what books I would recommend to business leaders and entrepreneurs, I’ve decided to share those recommendations to everyone. Going forward I will explain what my main takeaways from books I’ve recently read. I’ve decided to call these recommendations my “Reading Rainbow Reviews.” So imagine it’s 1989 and I have a loud patterned shirt on that matches my LOUD “INSIDE VOICE — sit back as I explain the plot to Berenstain Bear’s “Moving Day.”

I’m not sure what blog post or list pointed me to Chade-Meng Tan’s “Search Inside Yourself,” but I’m glad I took the bait. The book shares practical tactics in which any entrepreneur, business person, and average joe can implement the exercises of mindful thinking and meditation into everyday life. Tan uses a variety of scientific data, inspirational anecdotes, and funny cartoons to prove how practicing mindful thinking exercises will lead to a path of success and happiness in your career and personal life. If you are looking to become a better manager, a more engaged listener, and generally improve your emotional intelligence in the workplace, this is a book you must read.

I could leave you with so many excerpts that I underlined to entice you to read Search Inside Yourself but the Tan’s poem, entitled “The Lazy Bodhisattva” left a too much of a lasting impression on me. The poem below describes the importance of finding peace and its relationship to reaching self-actualization:

With deep inner peace,
And great compassion,
Aspire daily to save the world,
But do not strive to achieve it.
Just do whatever comes naturally.
Because when aspiration is strong
And compassion blossoms,
Whatever comes most naturally,
Is also the right thing to do.
Thus you,
The wise compassionate being,
Save the world while having fun.

Because I enjoyed this book the first person who comments that they would like read this book, will be sent a free copy.