Rerun Season

It’s the end of August & before consuming new content it’s always good (or convenient for the creator) to rerun the old content

Summer is awesome as a kid. You had a lot more free time to read interesting books, play sports with friends, and walk around the mall. In the 90s and early 00s, the concept of premiering new series during the summer was not a thing. Every TV line up in late August consisted of old reruns. But sometimes I came across a show I didn’t regularly watch in the fall and spring and began to love. Thanks to reruns in the summer, I was able to low tech binge watch shows before their new seasons started in September.

Since I started writing this blog in November 2015, I wasn’t sure what my peers and friends would think of my work. Luckily I read Matt Turck’s blog post that provided a grounded approach to blogging — “Blogging is less scary once you start thinking of it less as a popularity contest, and more as a “thought resume”: an ongoing work that demonstrates what you think about and how you think about it.” So once I read that, my focus shifted to sharing my perspective on what founder’s need to do to grow their startup and what industries/companies I believed VCs should invest in.

I wanted to take this moment to thank all the individuals who have read, commented or simply not yelled at me for sending them emails about my latest blog post. I’m always honored when a friend or classmate tells me they read my blog. I’m extremely grateful for your support and feel free to always send me feedback.

So for these last couple of days in August, I wanted to share a few topics that I have covered over these first nine months. Feel free to check out posts on founder advice, edtech, VC job search tips, books reviews, and many other topics. Please feel free to read for the first time, share for the second time, and comment anytime. Remember you can always discover something new during a rerun. #readingEarnest — ES.

Series in Syndication

Series 1: “Step by Step” — A collection of posts that share helpful tips for startup founders on various topics such as sales growth, talent, and venture capital.

Series 2: “Clarissa Explains It All” — From time to time I have done deep dives on industries that I believe have a lot impressive opportunity. In this collection of posts, I take a look at industries such as edtech, fintech, and real estate tech with the purpose of recommending where early stage investors should put their money to work.

Series 3: “Reading Rainbow” — One of my new year’s resolutions for 2016 was to read more books about very successful individuals. It’s my belief that autobiographies and other leadership non-fiction can provide insights that could substitute some benefits from an in-person mentor/mentee relationship. These are a few book reviews where I share my takeaways from books on leadership, tech, and investing.

Series 4: “This is Your Life” — The reasons I am able to empathize with founders or investors is because of past experiences professionally and personally that have shaped how I see the startup ecosystem. Here are a few anecdotes and topics that have developed my perspective as a startup advisor and investor.

Series 5: “Quantum Leap” — I took this leap into blogging to share the lessons I have learned through the VC job search process. These associated articles provide resources and best practices I have come across as an aspiring VC. Those interested in breaking into this industry should take a look this set of posts.

Series 6: “Friends” — At the beginning of this summer a thought came to me — “what if I asked my friends in tech and venture to share their perspective on issues founders and operators face daily.” These posts cover topics such as breaking into the tech industry to strategies to innovate within your company.

Earnest Sweat is an Entrepreneurial Engineer for Camelback Ventures and an Investor in Residence for Backstage Capital. If you have any questions or requests please connect with Earnest through LinkedIn, Twitter, or AngelList.

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