Series 1: “Step By Step”

Posts that provide 1st time Founders with guidance on how to build their startup

It’s August so you know what that means — it’s Rerun Season. Here on The Importance of Reading Earnest, we wanted to share a few topics that we have covered over these first nine months. In this first edition, we wanted to share with you a few posts on helpful hints for first-time startup founders. They provide tips on how entrepreneurs can navigate through topics such as hiring talent, raising venture capital, and managing relationships with service providers. Remember you can always discover something new during a rerun. #readingEarnest — ES.

Episode List

Earnest Sweat is an Entrepreneurial Engineer for Camelback Ventures and an Investor in Residence for Backstage Capital. If you have any questions or requests please connect with Earnest through LinkedIn, Twitter, or AngelList.

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