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Did you invite Team Bespoke to your Digital Marketing Party?

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Our audience is keen about reading stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Explain what Team Bespoke is all about.

Team Bespoke is the life of the digital marketing party!! We create connections that make a difference. The sole idea behind the business is to deliver an efficient return on ad spend to our clients across many digital marketing channels. We work with clients who are eager to test monetizing differently, and we found our niche in brands that are small to mid-sized. We teach them the world of affiliate marketing, social media monetization, and pair them with content sites who will send interested, authentic traffic to purchase with them.

The digital marketing party?

Ha. Yes. Think of everybody and every element involved in executing a digital marketing strategy… that’s the party. And it’s getting crazy. Look at the trends. And look at the pressure it creates on marketers. Marketers are reaching into more precise and personalized audiences. Multiply each audience by the creation of more messaging, content, output, etc. Then you compound that with the technological advancements. And then factor these people are reporting into senior leadership that didn’t build their careers doing any of these things. Facebook advertising didn’t exist 10 years ago. You couldn’t buy anything on Instagram 6 months ago. More audiences, technology, channels, strategies, and costs keep kicking the door in. And marketers need to keep the party going but without losing control. That’s where we come in.

Picture: Team Bespoke

This story is something many readers would surely relate to. Now, go in detail and tell us about how Team Bespoke works.

So let’s take one of our clients and favorite celebrity chef, Cat Cora, for example. Cat is a world-renowned chef, author, restaurateur, contributing editor, television host, and personality, etc. She has built a tremendous online following. But her audience wasn’t able to transact with her brand. Monetization opportunities were being missed. So this February Team Bespoke re-launched her website with a purpose. It is now e-commerce enabled and we have connected her with Retailer Partners to monetize her authentic recommendations. These trackable and revenue-driving product links and offerings are incorporated into her content, social channels, curated shop, even right into her recipes. This gives her readers a direct access to the same products she uses at home and trusts. It gives the brands she trusts an authentic place to showcase their products to a highly engaged and trusting audience. And it provides Cat with the compensation she earned by connecting the two. We’re very proud of Cat for being the first celebrity chef to do something to this magnitude. And that’s just a sample of what we can do.

Picture: Team Bespoke

Explain the challenges you went through while you were working on brand creation. What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

The three of us founded the company together. And there is a complexity to aligning the vision of three unique people onto paper. So we work with our Brand Therapist. And it makes all the difference. Our sessions started with deep dives into who we are: talents, skills, flaws, etc. We even took a personality test and shared our results. By having a true grasp on who we are how we are unique, we have a common foundation to create from. It has brought natural clarity to our decision making.

Picture: Team Bespoke

Explain how the founders of the brand work in sync, understand each other’s perspective and ideologies and stick to producing results.

At our core, we are curious, we feel like we can always learn something and seek out those opportunities to evolve our skill set and knowledge. I think this is an approach that is respectful and allows each of us to take the lead at different times based on our confidence in an idea. We have Team in our name because there are three equal co-founders, and we wanted to embody the opportunity that each of us wanted to found a business that would build upon our clients’ trust in results we drive. The curiosity we have to learn new things means we will always deliver new ideas to our clients and keep their strategies fresh.

Picture: Team Bespoke

What it means to run a successful business like this. What it takes.

We believe in driving measurable results and ROI for our clients. We aren’t creating strategies that may impact the business someday or are part of a brand-building campaign. We create partnerships that create new sales within days, and those partnerships build over weeks, months and years to become foundational revenue. Staying focused on that ROI makes us successful. We also need to have a massive network of contacts across all e-commerce verticals who we can call to pull together a new partnership at any time. We couldn’t have started this business at 24. We needed a career of meeting people across the industry who trust us with their business, and who we have helped succeed in the past. those we have learned from, those who have learned from us and most importantly those who we have celebrated wins with!

Picture: Team Bespoke

Throw some light on being a woman and creating a valuable business like this. Throw some light on women empowerment according to you.

Yes, the three founders are all female but our business model has very little to do with gender. We came together because we share the same values and we recognized each other’s talents as being top in the industry. We’re badasses!

Picture: Team Bespoke

Tell us your future vision about the brand. What is your dream about taking it to the next level?

This is a conversation we had very early on with our brand therapist. We know what we can become. And we are amazed and thankful at how rapidly we’ve already excelled beyond our initial goals. What we recognize is that all three of us have different goals for our lives. And so to us no matter how big our party gets, the most important thing is that it remains the party we intended to throw.

Picture: Team Bespoke

What message would you like to give to anybody who has a plan of creating something of their own and making a living through it?

Find inspiration — we found it at SoulCycle, which might sound cheesy, but the messages there like leaving your fear in the room, finding your inner strength, and believing in your own power was the core of what we needed to start this business. Creating your own thing can get lonely and you need 1) support at home and 2) support from a community — whether that is co-founders, colleagues from your past work, or friends. In addition to finding inspiration, just start and take the plunge.

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