Jocelyn S. Mcelvane On Marketing Her Way To Glory

Jun 12, 2020 · 5 min read

Our audience loves to read stories of phenomenal women creating a difference in the world. Enlighten our readers about the work you do.

I help women/ men that have trouble increasing their organic following and reach to get on the explore page on Instagram’s platform. I assist with strategies, online web building, and creating online and social media content/ graphics to resonate with the client’s audience. (Brand Voice) everything we do is to increase sales, traffic, and views.

Your journey is something many readers would relate to. In detail, tell us about your journey behind creating a successful business.

My journey behind creating a business has been making sure every platform or software I use or partner with they have to be mobile-friendly. This allows me to be a fulltime mom and still assists my clients at the last minute ( Crisis- management) There will be moments you can never over-prepare for and there will be mistakes.

Tell us something about your entrepreneurial journey as a natural hair and extensions expert?

My entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 16. My parents noticed that I had the gift of doing hair. Instead of playing on the weekends and watching tv at the age of 16 I was in Magnetic Beauty School ( Shreveport, Louisiana) this was the summer of my sophomore year in high school and I graduated from high school and beauty school a month apart while working part-time at Quiznos’ Sub sandwiches. I got a taste of working for a company while working for myself. I noticed the benefits of being self-employed worked better than working for someone having to ask them if I could be on the schedule. ( Facebook begin in 2005 and I used this to promote my services in college as a hairstylist)

I bought my first car with my own credit and my bank account as my proof of income and was headed off to college to pursue my passion in Commercial Arts. This is where I tell everyone the struggle of trying to convince myself that college would assist with my career where I was already making my own money and more than some of my friends/peers that had finished school a year before I could.

I moved to Baton Rouge 2008–2013 and began my journey in the natural hair industry as a natural hair expert/ Multicultural extension expert. The brink of youtube was on the rise and I was being emailed by brands/ companies to vlog about their products and was introduced to Click bank/ Paid Per Click ads. Google began sending me checks in the mail and this began my natural gift/passion for personal branding and marketing.

My life journey and toxic relationships with friends/ relationships caused me to lose focus and order with vlogging full time. I still have access to my youtube page and this reminds me of how long I have been in the creator’s space. I wish youtube would grandfather my account for me because I met a lot of people that became friends during that year and I am so proud of Ulovemeglove and Chi-Chi Mcdonald who were beginners around the time that I started.

I visit my page periodically just to remind myself of where I started and why I am an expert with content producing cash and waking up working for yourself. I was self-employed for 5 years before my first daughter was born and was able to live off my savings for the first 4 months of her life.

See my Journey: (old youtube page)

We would love to know about your company The Joyous Marketing Team. How do you help your clients to connect with their core audience and take their brand to the next level?

I help my clients connect by providing them not only with organic traffic but taking their ideas and helping them make sense on each platform. Some clients come in thinking they know what they want and once I give 30 days of my marketing strategies and correct their

What makes your company unique from other branding companies?

My company teaches entrepreneurs new marketing strategies and makes them more personalized. We build your voice and build your traffic. We teach you how to convert followers into buyers but we have a client that is doing thor work for passion, not just the money. My company and clients learn how to build a team and support each other business.

My team gives every client a free BIO that books their consultation because we believe in blessing business with an authentic brand identity. Many of us were conditioned to just only go to school but an entrepreneur has more than one job and plenty of sources for income.

We encourage everyone that has an idea just like Nike “ Just Do It’. We encourage you to “ Just Build It”.

Each woman business owner has her share of highs and lows in her journey. How did you reach this point in your career?

I reached this point because I kept building and losing sleep studying my craft. Instead of focusing on building clients, I made sure to be my own client first by making sure what I built could be used on mobile devices because I knew digital marketing would eventually shift to this dynamic and here we are post- COVID but still distancing ourselves.

What factors do you think are essential for anyone to become successful?


No Fear

You are not like the rest

What advice do you want to give to the people who are reading this interview and especially to the millennials?

I want to tell them that nothing is wrong with you. You will have friends that excel in college and then you will be successful without a college degree. Live by the beat of your own drum and soar.

Where can our audience find your work?

@Instaglamentertainment @builditnetwork @Skin_Sin


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