LaToya: On Building Her Online Business Management Company From Scratch

Aug 16, 2020 · 4 min read

Our audience would love to read about an amazing woman like you. Please tell us in detail about you?

I’m LaToya, born and raised in Barbados. I have a beautiful daughter and she’s been my reason for a lot of things. I had a pretty successful career in corporate from entry-level to management but I found myself always doing something else to bring in additional income; at one point I had 3 jobs. In 2011, I was down the rabbit hole trying to find out how to make money online. I did a lot of things, including teaching Japanese to speak English.

I knew my time working in corporate was going to be short-lived because the mentality was always one where feedback wasn’t valued and employees were often silenced. I built my Online Business Management company from the ground up, started as a Virtual Assistant so I know my way around. I’m now certified and my Master Marketer certification will be done by the end of the year as well. I’m a big fan and geek when it comes to digital marketing and things like Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and monitoring metrics so I can pinpoint issues and move the needle forward.

Charting the path from the bottom now allows me to train and coach Virtual Assistants and it’s a joy to watch their businesses flourish. I love traveling and Disney has been my favorite park so far. In my spare time, I’m finding ways to create passive income or playing with my daughter.

What are the different ways and techniques you use to help your clients to smoothly run their business?

I’ve set up a ton of systems and automation to help online businesses progress and function smoothly. For me, it’s always about taking the guesswork out of tasks because team members live in so many different places and work at various times. The ideal situation is to ensure someone working odd hours has Standard Operating Procedures so they don’t have to wait a long period to figure something out.

On the flip side, I help women and especially moms build their Virtual Assistant businesses online. Seeing them go from not understanding what it is and how it works to fully confident and ready is amazing.

What makes you different from other Online Business Managers?

Definitely my personality and my ability to create strategies and boldly say when something doesn’t make sense. I am also one to go above and beyond to make things work. I’m the person that’s available during a launch even if it’s outside of my regular hours. My previous managerial roles in corporate while working online part-time have charted this path for me and those experiences are invaluable.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment on your voyage so far?

Launching and breaking previous launch records would be the winner here. I’ve helped clients attain multiple 6 figure launches in as little as a 3 week period and all they had to do was show up for a webinar. That’s a great feeling for them and I love it.

On the virtual assistant side, it’s helping those upcoming business owners I’m coaching get multiple 4 figure retainer gigs and 5 figure projects.

What are your thoughts on women's authorization?

I believe that women who lead do so in an impactful and often encouraging way. Empowering them to be confident enough to show up and shine their light produces positive results. There are still a lot of things relating to women that men make decisions on and it’s important to get the perspective from the women affected and base decisions on those involved. I’ve seen women lead women to success and it’s nothing short of powerful. I hope I’m around to see when society makes the change to fully accept us so that there is no more shadow. There is still a phenomenon that women “can’t” take on certain roles and I want to see less of that.

What are your ambitions for the future of your business?

Ideally, empowering as many women as I can. Mainly the ones with kids who crave flexibility and helping them with their VA businesses. To encourage those that have a desire to chart their own path to do it and make money while having the freedom to work from anywhere.

In relation to being an OBM, that would be seeing a business through to a million dollars in one year or less. I’ve worked with million dollar companies but I came in after they were already there. I want to build my business and my client’s to a million.

Where can our audience connect with you?

Join me on Instagram

My Facebook group for Virtual Assistant or those aspiring to be is called Quitting Corporate

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