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The Story Behind the Most Useful Breastfeeding Wrap Helping Moms Cherish Their Journey

Teran Martin, founder of the Nustle, created her product after becoming frustrated during her breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding can be the most beautiful experience but don’t we know, it can also be the most frustrating and disappointing experience. In that struggle is where the Nustle was first created. Mom’s just amaze me with their ingenuity and ‘I’m going to make this better!’ attitude. Plus, every wrap comes with a free consultation with a lactation expert. This will help to ensure Mama gets the support she needs to find success in her breastfeeding journey!

The Nustle by Mama’s Milk Wrap is a non-ingestible breastfeeding aid that offers full coverage, hands-free pumping, soft conforming design that supports natural production or suppression through the application of heat or cold therapy.

“Love this wrap! My milk comes out quicker, helps with clogged ducts, being engorged, and is so comfortable with the heat. I’m a labor and delivery nurse and this is one of the best things out there!!!” — Rachel W.

“We have seen astounding success with the heat therapy,” says Martin. The Nustle has been effective at sustaining supply, increasing output, and providing support for mamas returning to work, to even double output during pumping sessions.

Note- the Nustle is not to be worn while breastfeeding but it is great to apply as soon as feeding ques are seen to help stimulate the breasts into production mode, must remove wrap prior to nursing baby.

“My first day back to work was a few weeks ago and I forgot my wrap at home- crisis moment! I have used it daily since then. My supply is great, and I always feel comfortable thanks to Mama’s Milk Wrap!” — Jordan H.

The application of cold-compression therapy is designed to provide relief to engorged breasts and to suppress milk production.

“We have seen dry up times with the cold-compression application decrease substantially,” Martin continued, “for example, one mother stated that with her first two children it took her year to stop production. With the Nustle dry-up was reduced to less than a month.”

“The difference is night and day!” — Laura B.

At Mama’s Milk Wrap they take it next level to not only support their Mamas with the Nustle but to offer every opportunity to help provide support. Embedded with every Nustle also comes a free consultation with an approved lactation expert to help ensure Mama gets the support she deserves to best help her find her success.

Many more uses for the wrap: The wrap can also be utilized prior to the birth of baby as a belly support band with heat or cold therapy on the back, after the birth of baby as a postpartum belly band that supports healing through the temperature therapy. Monthly cycle support and anywhere else heat or cold therapy is needed on the body.

What sets the Nustle apart is its temperature retention, unlike so many warm/cold packs out there the Nustle retains its temperature for 20–30 minutes which is often the time doctors recommend applying temperature therapies to the body




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