Incredible India !!

I was born in 1947, made out of hand-spun cotton on a charkha, dyed in the three colors of Courage, Peace and the Earth.

I symbolize Independence. Sometimes, i wonder if people have forgotten me, forgotten where i came from..!

Sometimes I wonder if people understand that I am not an outcome of an overnight skirmish, There was a journey that created me..!

A journey of suppression, a struggle to overthrow a foreign domination, A fight of bureaucrats and social workers, warriors, and leaders, a fight that got even the common man to raise his voice....

स्वराज्य हा माझा जन्मसिद्ध हक्क आहे....

Freedom; freedom is not a flower that blossoms overnight,

It is a mountain; created by waves and waves of molten lava rising in rivers from the mantle and spreading across the crust Then cooling and hardening over so many millennia

Shaped, Tempered,Eroded,Attacked by the wind and 
the rain and the heat and the cold Freedom is a clay that you can mold And it is up to you what you create,

  • Freedom is the choice to create. It is a decision to be made..!
  • Freedom is the absolute truth
  • Freedom is a child sitting in a classroom, Asking question after question after question. It is the teacher unafraid to say I don’t know
  • It is the writer seeking exactly the right word the painter seeking the perfect color !
  • Freedom is to aspire It is a village child hitting helicopter shots from his back yard in pursuit of becoming the next great cricketer.
  • It is a boy watching pirated videos in Banaras, dreaming of becoming the next big Bollywood filmmaker.
  • It is a doctor quitting his job to go to the neighboring country and help victims of an earthquake rebuild their broken homes,
  • It is a rape victim going on national television to spit in the face of stigma. It is a stigma that is being questioned by a simple kiss of love !
  • It is love between two people of different cultures fighting against all odds !
  • It is love between two people of the same anatomy fighting against all odds !


Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone. Because often times, the one who flys solo has the strongest wings...

Proud to be free, Proud to be Indian...!!