Top 8 Money-Saving Blogs You Should Be Reading


I read recently that there are an estimated 200+ million blog out there and that somewhere around 20 million posts are published to the internet each day. Those are staggering numbers, and sometimes you wonder how anyone could possibly surf through it all and find the best content.

The best way is akin to good old word-of-mouth sharing. A lot of the blogs you read on a regular basis were probably something you discovered somewhere else. Either a friend told you about it, you saw in mentioned in an article, or there was a link or guest post on a blog you were already reading. When someone already has a relationship with us we’re more likely to check out something they recommend.

So in that light I thought I’d share with you my favorite money-saving blogs that can help you with everything from budgeting and meal planning to finding the best store deals and freebies around. If you subscribe and read these blogs regularly you’re sure to learn how to manage your money, get control of your daily schedule, and find great deals that will save you money.

Top 8 Money-Saving Blogs You Should Be Reading

1. Money Saving Mom®


Crystal has been blogging for about 10 years and has successfully transformed a small start-up blog into a full-time business. She posts not only about great deals on groceries and retail products that she discovers, but also provides real-world advice on budgeting, frugality, cooking, time management, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Disclaimer: I am on the team at Money Saving Mom® and do a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

2. Living Well Spending Less


Ruth is a powerful force in the blogging community. Her focus is slightly different than most of the other bloggers on my list because she doesn’t really write about deals. What she does write about is the most down-to-earth practical advice you’ll find anywhere about how to stretch every dollar and learn how to be content and live a full life without spending a ton of money.

3. The Happy Housewife


Toni is another powerhouse blogger who has been able to turn her blogging into a full time job as well as use it create opportunities above and beyond. She focuses on homeschooling, frugality, home management, cooking, real life, as well as great deals.

The remaining blogs listed below are all great blogs as well, but their main focus is more on sharing deals and less on money-saving advice and strategies for life.

4. Coupon Cravings


5. Moms by Heart


6. Passion for Savings


7. For the Mommas


8. My Frugal Adventures

If you’re a guy reading this, don’t think these blogs are just for women. Sure, they have a heart for — and most often write to women–but the ideas, strategies, and deals you can find on daily basis are universal. I challenge you to start reading and following their practical advice and ideas.

What are your favorite money-saving blogs and websites? Please share in the comments.


Originally published at The Incremental Life.