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Great survival elements and the very real threat of death are some of the things that make Unturned a pretty fun game. Unturned was developed by Smartly Dressed Games and features many elements that I have come to enjoy in a game. Such elements include character progression as well as the scarcity of ammunition for firearms. While the game does pose the real danger of survival games you have to get past some very annoying issues with the game first. Such issues are the obvious poor production value and quality of the graphics. However graphics aren’t the only thing that make a game.

Unturned Trailer


The game features aspects that step up the difficulty factor such as resource bars that will need to be maintained to stay alive, such as hunger, thirst and illness. You can attend to these needs by finding food and drinks out in the world however some foods maybe spoiled and you will have to make decisions that could save you or kill you. The game featured one map at launch (Prince Edward Island or PEI) and has added more to choose from. One new map added is Yukon which adds another variable the player must overcome, Cold. If the player is unable to find shelter or clothing quickly they will surely freeze to death.

Through the Shooting Glass

Of course there is also the imminent threat of the dead as they are attracted to sound and chase you relentlessly if they hear or see you. And of course sprinting generates more sound than sneaking about and a gunshot will draw the dead from all around to you, so use those shots sparingly. The melee combat, while effective it is very clunky and awkward. They have both standard and strong attacks with the latter requiring stamina to use. sprinting also requires the use of stamina…obviously. And the building mechanic just doesn’t seem to work. And I have put some serious time into it. It’s way more trouble than it’s worth.


So as previously stated the game suffers from a very poor production value which results in many bugs plaguing the game as well as very simple overall appearance. The landscape isn’t that interesting aside from foraging berries when your in need of food. The lighting looks rather nice when it’s on high quality but nothing that really stands out. Th visuals are the stand out feature in this game that seem incredibly bare bones. There are many things missing that make the game feel complete such as stairs. Every house just has a ramp that leads to the second floor. It’s incredibly odd but it gets the job done.

Summer Camp!!!


The game features many items for all your killing needs in both the melee and firearms category. The weapons are by far the stand out positive in this game feature a lot of items for modifying your weapons such as scopes, stocks and even fore grips. The weapon customization is a shining spot that makes for a fun time. Then you have such melee weapons as katanas, fire axes and even baseball bats. There are items that also help to distract the undead from your presence such as road flares, of all different colors, and then you have flashlights and oil cans for obvious purposes. Using the games various items are the key to destroying all those who oppose you!

Verdict: 6/10

The game, while at first may seem poorly created and one of those “you get what you pay for” free-to-play games it puts those thoughts to rest throughout your playthrough. It proves itself to be a game that you can find enjoyment in when you have nothing else to do. While it is a fun game, it suffers from a very noticeably low production value that may take some time to overlook. The games is updated very frequently with new bug fixes and new additions which help to prolong the game’s play value. While playing the game I have watched a very large quantity of content continually be added to the game that make it feel slightly more full and complete. However for the most part the game still feels kind of empty and that may be due to its Early Access status and thus isn’t losing as many points as it could be. This is in no way a game that I would tell someone to stay away from. I just believe that this game isn’t something that can really captivate large audiences. There is something here for some people but not enough to really warrant a high rating. So I definitely encourage you guys to check it out but don’t be surprised if it isn’t for you.

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