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The Place & Chisenhale Dance Curate New Festival

The Place is collaborating with the Chisenhale Dance Space on a new festival featuring a range of recorded and live dance performances under the theme of “How Do We Tune Into Sensation?”

The festival, which will also feature a mix of audio works, short films and a panel discussion, is the second weekend of performances that The Place has hosted this spring.

Among the shows billed are An Absurdist Archive of Isolation: A Full-Body Workout Radio Play, described by the show’s creators as “an experiential and genre-blurring new work for solo audiences.”

The Place was recently awarded a COVID-19 Champion Award in the Saviour of Culture Category. The awards, founded in September last year, recognise local institutions, organisations, and individuals going above and beyond during the pandemic. Responding to the challenges the venue has faced, The Place’s CEO Clare Connor told Camdenist that “what I’ve said to my colleagues is that we will still keep going, and then we have a bigger duty than ever, because some of our sister cultural organisations are not going to make it — we have a huge job on our hands.”

The full programme for the new festival can be found here.

Words by James Hanton.

Originally published at on February 7, 2021.



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