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Track Review: Walk Away // Ella On The Run

Since dropping her stunning debut EP less than two years ago, Swiss indie songstress Ella On The Run has continued to make an impression with her sultry electro-pop sound. Whilst her lyricism is uncompromising and honest, the beats and melodies of her songs are danceable without veering too far into the world of mindless dance-pop hits, which, perhaps is what helps maintain her aura of mystique in the music world.

The 11 thof this month saw the release of her latest single ‘Walk Away’, with its accompanying video directed by Rafe Gibbon of Will Joseph Cook’s ‘Take Me Dancing’ fame. In Gibbon’s kaleidoscopic creation, Zürich native Ella’s image is mirrored, giving the impression of singing to herself whilst drowning in a psychedelic swirl, which is somewhat minimalist and visually arresting at the same time. ‘Walk Away’ is sparse and stripped back in comparison with previous singles like ‘Cavalry’, and whilst risking being labelled underwhelming, the track is broodingly self-conscious and flourishes with every listen.

Soft, lilting vocals explore forbidden love and temptation, mixed with keyboards reminiscent of New Order at their most blue: “ I’m flirting with temptation / feeding the frustration,” croons the Berklee College of Music graduate on what might just be her most enigmatic release yet.

Words by Kristen Sinclair

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.



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