Infatuation iOS App Update

We’re very happy to announce the launch of a, much-needed, refresh to our iOS app. If you’re new to The Infatuation, we’re a platform and resource dedicated to offering curated, trustworthy restaurant reviews and guides. We don’t crowdsource opinions — we present our own, from a small, vetted group of people who dine anonymously and accept no favors from restaurants. Think Zagat but for a new generation. One where the internet is a thing.

This update is packed with a ton of features that we think will make the app much more of a daily utility for our users.

Visual Refresh (and Uber and OpenTable)

If you’re already a user, the first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve updated the app’s look and feel to match that of our new site. The app feels a lot lighter and easier to browse. We also rethought the review page and came up with our new “card” view. At the top of every review, you’ll find some quick actions to make your lives easier: pull up directions, visit the restaurant’s website, make an OpenTable reservation (where available), or call an Uber to get you there.

You’re welcome.

Guides (and Hit List)

Guides have become a huge part of what we do. Whether it’s the NYC Hit List (a regularly updated guide to the best new restaurants) or the “Super Cute Reasonably Priced Restaurant To Catch Up With A Few Friends,” we’re constantly working to provide the best bar and restaurant options for any scenario. Reviews will always be our bread and butter, but these Guides have become an indispensable part of The Infatuation.

With this update, we’re introducing guides into our app so that you can browse while on the run. With our new “card” view at the top of every restaurant page, it’s easy to get all of the necessary information at a glance (more on that later). You can also now add any restaurant mentioned in a guide to your Hit List.

So the next time you’re looking for 19 Restaurants Where You Can Eat In Your Gym Clothes, our app has you covered.

Spotlight Search

Sometimes opening our app is asking too much. We get that. That’s why we went ahead and integrated with Spotlight Search (that search bar when you swipe down on your home screen). Search for reviews and guides and they’ll come up and link directly to our app.

List View for Map

Maps are great, but often a list is really what you want. We’ve now added an alternate view so that you can browse a list of nearby restaurants sorted by distance.

Universal Links

Whether you’re using TextRex, reading one of our emails, or a friend sends you something from our site, we wanted the guarantee the best experience possible. We’ve enabled universal links so that whenever you click a link from our site, the app will know to open, giving you immediate access to all of the great native features above.

So the next time that you’re asking us for the best place to have a discreet dinner with your ex, you’ll be able to easily add those to your Hit List and then never tell anyone about it.


Still reading? Head on over to the iOS App Store and download now.

For all of our Android peeps, we’re working hard to get an update together. In the meantime, you can download our current app here.