IoT Privacy, Security And Safety

The InsecureNet-of-Things: The State of IoT Privacy, Security and Safety

The Internet Has A Security Problem

Incidents Of IoT Attacks

IoT cybersecurity statistics (Source Statista)

Securing The Network

Cybersecurity Regulation

Tips For IoT Security

  • Do not use a blank password, the devices default password or common password to access your IoT device. Use a strong and reasonably not easily guessable password. Password protection is the most basic form of security.
  • Change the default username of the device’s management console.
  • Use the latest software provided by the vendor. Updating the software makes sure it is compliant to the product.
  • Make sure you update the latest firmware from the product’s vendor since these often patch vulnerabilities and plugs security holes.
  • If you access your device via a web interface over the Internet your URL connection uses HTTPS for end to end encryption. If not, then ask the vendor technical support how to secure the connection. If accessing locally, HTTP should be fine, so long as it is not shared over the Internet and only your computer can access it using a non-routable IP address.
  • There are third party IoT Security Devices that can be used to protect your IoT devices at home. Do your research before buying one.
  • When accessing your IoT device from public WiFi use a VPN connection since most public WiFi are not secure.
  • Use WPA2 or newer encryption for WiFi security when connecting your IoT devices at home.
  • If your IoT device comes with other security features, enable them to provide more layers.
  • Ask for professional help if you do not understand how to implement security for your IoT device.




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