Get Pumped: Waking up with Lacey Stone

Most days you can find Lacey Stone motivating people to sweat hard and get fit at LA’s two Flywheel locations, or training people one on one in her boot camp, Lacey Stone Fitness. She’s been called the hottest female trainer in the US and has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, Doctor Oz and Good Morning America dispensing fitness and nutritional advice. This is one woman who hits the ground running every day, so much so that she lays out her clothes and pre-packs her gym bag full of clothing changes and snacks the night before for maximum efficiency. Here’s what she does each morning.

What does a fitness guru like you do to get ready in the mornings?

Every morning I usually wake up before the sun comes up and the first thing that I think of is coffee. I’ll have a coffee and then I’ll post something to Instagram that’s fitness related — a workout, something motivational, lifestyle sneakers, whatever. Then I’ll pop in the shower and put on my super hero outfit (leggings and high tops) and walk to my car and plug in my iPod so that I can visualize what I’m going to teach. Pop open the glove compartment and breakfast is served.

Wait, what’s in the glove compartment?

A bar — I actually keep them in my glove compartment in my car. My mornings are not chaotic for me, it’s just like how you do something consistently and it becomes a pattern and it almost becomes meditative because I do it all the time and I’m super organized in the morning. There’s no time to be tired because you have to go get up in front of 40 people and get them excited.

You have to wake up with the mindset that you’re going to take on the world, otherwise it’s hard to do.

So tell us more about the music that you’re listening to on the iPod and what that looks like

I’m listening to the [music for] class that I created the night before. There is a method to the madness in everything I teach. People think I just slap together a play list and pop it on the stereo but the truth of the matter is, my classes always are results driven, so I’m either focusing on high interval intensity training or speed work and always moving around so that your heart rate gets up, you’re building lean muscle and you’re increasing your cardio capacity.

So slower songs, more hip hop songs are always incorporated into my playlist and then fast things like Avicii-type music is incorporated in order to shift people’s mind — they don’t realize unconsciously that when the beat of the music is faster, they go faster. It takes me about an hour and a half to create the music for the class. The music is a huge part of a teacher’s job.

And what are you doing when you’re listening to it on your drive into work?

I’m thinking of the routine to the music; where the hills are or where the jumps are if it’s for a boot camp class. It’s a mixture of Sia to Mumford and Sons to Beyoncé.

You’ve been a fitness professional for 13 years. Has it always been this easy to have a routine?

It took me about three years to feel totally comfortable with myself and not care what people think and just be present. Also loving the whole, “waking up before the rest of the world” thing.

I do what I do to make other people’s lives better, and this is going to sound so Oprah, but it makes the world better. I think about my students that I’m going to see and about the opportunity to make their lives more healthy and I know this sounds so Zen, but that is something that is really fulfilling and keeps me going even when my body is aching.

I’ve gotten five amazing people to tell me how they start their mornings, and I’ll be profiling one each day (Here’s Monday’s story with Brendan Gahan). Check back to see other stories — from PGA pros to juice pop mavens — all this week. And don’t forget, if you like what you read, hit recommend.

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