That’s so Zen: Waking up with Katherin Son

San Francisco’s Katherin Son has many intense loves. Among them are orange juice and her rescue dog Penny, both of which help her get her day going before she heads in to the office as a customer experience ninja at Everlane, an online retail factory that specializes in creating beautiful essentials for your wardrobe. Read on to find out more about how Katherin gets her day going in a calm, orderly fashion.

Walk us through what you do each morning

I usually wake up around 6 AM. I’m an early riser and I like it that way because I like getting things done. Also, we have a dog and if I don’t get up on my own at 6, she’ll wake me up because she wants to go out. So usually I’ll take Penny out, feed her and then, I’m folding a thousand cranes just as a side hobby — it’s something to do with my hands and I feel like it helps with stress — so I’ll make coffee for me and my husband Colin and then I’ll start working on making cranes while I watch something on Netflix. Lately it’s been a lot of CSI: NY.

How long have you been folding the cranes?

Two months or so? I’m close, I have 700 done. I actually did count how many I can do in 30 minutes and I can do about eight, so that’s 16 an hour and I would say I fold for about two hours a day — an hour in the morning and an hour after work.

What happens when you get to a thousand cranes?

I’ve been thinking about it and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with a thousand cranes. I’ve been stringing them kind of like ornaments and I’ll probably hang some of them up at home. I’m not superstitious about it but there’s a whole thing in Asian culture that says that a thousand cranes are lucky, so I might give them away to some of my friends or I might keep them together.

So you’re making the cranes, watching CSI: NY and then what?

If I have time I make myself breakfast at home. I’ll make scrambled eggs with some almond milk in it and I’ll put some hot sauce on it. And then I have orange juice, it’s a requirement. If I’m at the office and I’m lucky someone will already have boiled some eggs and I’ll just grab that, if not I’ve really been on a breakfast sandwich kick.

We have this panini maker at work, so I will get an English muffin, throw some ham and cheese on there and the panini maker can also fry eggs so I’ll do an elaborate thing if I’m at the office.

Is this routine the best thing you’ve figured out to get your day going?

Yeah, I have to have the time when I’m sitting and doing something that’s totally not work-related before work. Like, I don’t check my email before I get to the office, I like to do that later.

I like that quiet time and I like that feeling where the rest of the world is still sleeping. I love getting up when it’s still kind of dark outside.

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