Operation Takedown.

I had planned to run this mornings 10km race hard and push myself to my current absolute limit in order to both find thus limit and to see how fit I’d become in the last few months of training.

I wanted, needed a fast time. I needed the positive motivation. This was my first proper race event and I wanted to please me.

Encouragement pre race courtesy of Joseph Danger

Sleep was perfect, rest was perfect having had a day off yesterday in anticipation of the race and the nutritious carb and protein shakes had be flowing like wine (except it clearly wasn’t wine). It was almond milk.

As I left the house at 7:3oam to get to the race start in Barnes (south london) my daughter; Little G, gave me some last minute grade A 9 year old advice:

“when you get to the last km just sprint as fast as you can”

For anyone who hasn’t run a proper timed race what the fuck are you not doing! Nothing beats the rush (literally) – there is no better feeling. This morning had 330 early risers of every level and the team who put it on were incredible – hats off (I wasn’t wearing one). The nervous energy in the air is infectious – it’s raw, it’s juicy and it’s exactly what you want when attempting to push yourself to Outer Hebrides.

Today was unreal. The race went exactly as I hoped, went off a little fast as I was with some player play runners but soon settled into the pace I aimed to lock for the whole race and a pace I felt good at – which instead of being the 7min mile I was aiming for it was sub 7! And then some more. I was flying, flying without wings.

With Gracie’s advice in my head I clocked my fastest mile exactly when she told me to!

I’d been focussing on miles miles miles as I pound the road to rack up the distance in preparation for my ultra race next year so this was a chance to put the gas down (is that even a saying? Is now) 10km is a wonderful race – you can pretty much afford to go all out from the gun and keep a consistent flow.

I smashed it, and then some more. Beat my hopeful 43 mins by 1.5 mins which is a big Jump. Felt so good. I’m smiling as I write this as I relive the race in my mind.

The crowd were going wild as I finished.
Of the 330 runners I came in at position 22!
Certificate time.

My goal was to push myself so hard I would almost collapse at the end and that’s pretty much what happened… I’m not actually sure why my heart rate dropped so suddenly at mile 2 and then fired up again st 4.5? Any doctors in the house? (Please mail me!) – I gave my all.

When I crossed the line I could hardly breath. Which was just the feeling I wanted. Suffer score was on the max!

Basically says half the Run was at full capacity

Set yourself a challenge – then get out there and beat it. Having a planned time is the only way…


Love to hear from you – I’m impressionable and I need to learn how to be a better ultra runner… mills@ustwo.com