Running on empty

I’m going down!

Tuesday and Thursday were fire cracker Run days. Two 7ish mile commutes to and from the studio per day (26 miles in total)– back pack loaded with bricks and metal (well a lunchbox and fresh panti pois at least) was the new challenge.

The sense of overwhelming positivity and win was racing through my veins. I’d decided to step up the training this week post the Sunday 20 miler and push myself into places I’d not been.

The plan was to feel a new burn on the return run of the 2nd day – to test my bodies resilience and my minds focus.

Friday night treat

The first 18 miles was alright.

It worked, I felt almost zombie like in body but mentally it was all there… wonderful.

On day two phase 4 (last night) my last meetings were spent discussing the importance of good ‘energy’, nutrition and getting past stress – the excitement of the 2018 ahead for ustwo.

I noted to myself that I felt more positive and more upped than I’d ever felt I’d felt before – it was almost dream like except I could scream (don’t know about you but I’ve never been able to scream in a dream) – I didn’t, that would have been weird.

In’n’out burger without the meat

I Ended up leaving on a massive mental high, running the last 7 Miles feeling mentally incredible but physically below zero – it was as if I by pushing through the dead zone I was cleansing my body… or breaking it! – that’s what I wanted – power through forest… your searching for the inner emotion.

Running on empty, Good god. For the first time in 100 days this morning was a struggle, 8 days in a row, gym sessions and 65 miles had taken its toll. Grey was setting in!

Physically I was not fine but fine, it’s what rest days are for but mentally it was harder, haven’t been able to think as cleary as the days before – it’s a sign mills!!!. I’ve often been told that extremes burn brighter. Today I hit the wick.

I’m excited by this day (easy to say now looking back, I was fucked off this morning).

I’ve taken my mind and body to a place of exhaustion, ran my body and mind to empty (odd that before empty it was ultra full!) – decided to take it down more with a 5 mile walk as a treat! and tonight I’ve prepared a feast of ….. steamed sweet potatoes and lentil dal… Yum. Mmmmmmm. Um

Why you ask (that’s me asking me by the way) – because tomorrow I’m taking on 21 miles from 7am

Has to be done – and will. There is no grey – Just black or white.

I’m mills, this is another thing I also do

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