The Innovation Station is present in 146 countries!

We started in june 2015 building the best collection of videos on innovation on the web with The Innovation Station. It’s seven months later and this is how we’ve been doing.

TIS = video

TIS brings together the best videos on innovation and makes own content as well. We do that together with you, people passionate for innovation. Together we added 711 top notch videos to The Innovation Station on 17 themes from social innovation to health to transport. You can spend hours and hours watching inspirational and informational stuff. See all our channels. And those are the five videos you liked best!

TIS = international

The Innovation Station has it’s roots in The Netherlands, but wants to be truly international. And we succeed in that, because we see 146 countries when we look on our list of visitors. This is the Top 20: 1) Netherlands 2) United States 3) Germany 4) United Kingdom 5) India 6) Brazil 7) China 8) France 9) Canada 10) Australia 11) Indonesia 12) Belgium 13) Russia 14) Japan 15) Spain 16) Italy 17) Kenya 18) Switzerland 19) Turkey 20) Portugal.

Besides having visitors and contributors adding and voting on videos, we joined forces with the international Metropolis team of broadcaster VPRO to make our own exclusive content. Local makers produced items from countries like Russia, Bolivia, India, Indonesia and Peru. Watch all the TIS exclusives here.

TIS = community

We are strong believers in the power of crowdsourcing, in the knowledge of the crowd. Together we see more, together we know more, together we can build the best collection of videos on innovation. That’s what we are doing. We think there’s a lot to win here, so don’t be only passive users (allthough there’s nothing wrong with that, keep on watching) but add and vote as well!

So watch next?

TIS is a long term project of course. We started, we learned, we built. That’s what we’ll keep on doing. We will focus in 2016 on:

  • More quality curation. We just started! Let’s keep on adding and voting and make relevant selections on topics and events.
  • More community building. We want to bring people together. We want people to be able to learn from eachother. That’s why we’ll keep on building on the community elements of the site.
  • More exclusive content. Together with the Metropolis reporters we will keep on coming up with local stories. And besides that we will work on our own formats.
  • More PopUp TV. We wanted to do this before, but we haven’t yet. In 2016 we want to stream live from events, do weekend specials on topics, etcetera.
  • A better online experience. This is an ongoing proces of course. We will continue to make the site better. Recently we updated the user profile pages where now you can see what you added and voted and can make your personal homepage by selecting the themes you wan to follow.

TIS has only just started. Please keep on watching, adding and voting on TIS!

We’ll keep you posted on Medium!

Erwin Blom

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