TIS Weekly (#38): A Triple Dose Of Energy

[February 28th, 2016]

There are a lot of new subscribers to our newsletter, triggered by our energy video. We’ve got almost 20 channels, so check them all, but in this newsletter we’ll focus on a few must sees in that energy channel!

Power from the sun

Solar Impulse is a solar powered aircraft. The first proof of concept is from 2010 when the Impulse 1 did a 26 hour flight. In the future an unmanned flight of a year will be possible, says the company.

Power from humans

It is good to move and it is even better when we get something back for that! That’s what Free Electrics does. Cycle for an hour and collect energy for 24 hours. Never run out of energy and no pollution!

Power from the sea

Carnegie Wave is building an energy technology that converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and desalinated freshwater.

OK that’s it for this week, friends of innovation. Keep on submitting, keep on voting, keep on innovating. Questions? Remarks? Ideas? hello@tis.tv is the address! From TIS with love, Erwin Blom.

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