TIS Weekly (#42): Feeling Sick And Getting Better

[March 28th, 2016]

Lying in my bed last night, or to be precise, running back and forth between bed and bathroom, I realized the theme of this month is rather applicable. It also occurred to me that little has changed in case of having the flu or a similar mild disease. It happens every once and a while and there is not much one can do about it. So I wondered how this would be in the future.

It starts with prevention

A smartphone has not much to do with a phone anymore. It is a mobile communication device. And we do communicate with it! For instance when we are feeling sick. This data can be used to share disease hotspots and how diseases are spreading geographically. Data that might have one stay indoors or avoid certain areas. Sick weather is an app that visualizes this data.

What is the diagnoses?

Once one is feeling not too good, it is important to have a diagnoses. Usually, one starts with measuring temperature. Again, the smartphone can help here. Like with Kinsa Health that provides a FDA-approved thermometer that can be hooked up to an iPhone. The thermometer comes with an app that lets one save symptoms and other data, recording the full history of the illness.

Fix it!

Once there is a diagnoses, it is time for a cure. For instance with a pill. These days, pills can be 3D printed making personal medication with a customized doses much easier. Spritam is the first FDA-approved pill that is actually being used already. For now it is still mass produced in a factory, but this could be the start of printing personal pills at home. Just when one needs them.

OK that’s it for this week, friends of innovation. Keep on submitting, keep on voting, keep on innovating. Questions? Remarks? Ideas? hello@tis.tv is the address! From TIS with love, Erwin Blom.

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