TIS Weekly (#56): The Future Of Transport

[July 3rd, 2016]

A new month a new theme. The whole of juli is the future of transport what we’re talking about. So please help us build the best collection and add the videos you love! Plus: watch TIS on Wednesday and Thursday when we’ll be covering the Border Sessions festival. That’s interesting stuff!

The future of mobility

When we look at the bigger picture for the automobile industry, the changes in the next 10 years will be bigger than the changes in the last 30 years. It will change into an automobility industry. Watch a panel from the DLD event on subjects like autonomous driving, e-mobility, seamless connectivity and the new business models that go with it.

Connected cars

We know we’re heading towards a future of autonomous driving. But we know too that we’re not there yet. Last weeks death of a Tesla driver is the sad proof of that. In this interesting video Nokia shows how connected cars are a step to safer driving.

Make your bike electric!

This is easy! In 60 seconds your plain old bike transforms into an electric one, just by changing a wheel, the GeoOrbital Wheel. Made possible with a Kickstarter campaign, the wheel is going to cost 950 dollars. That’s a lot of money, but then you’ve got your own custom made electric bicycle.

OK that’s it for this week, friends of innovation. Keep on submitting, keep on voting, keep on innovating. Questions? Remarks? Ideas? hello@tis.tv is the address! From TIS with love, Erwin Blom.