TIS Weekly (#57): Border Sessions Update

[July 13th, 2016]

Last week at Border Sessions Festival we were given the chance to interview some of the speakers. This led to inspiring, informative and entertaining conversations with thought leaders, innovators and changemakers. Here are five great interviews.

Social Innovation
Marko Vuoriheimo

Marko is the founder of Chabla, a mobile app that connects deaf people with a network of international interpreters via existing mobile technologies.

3-D Printing 
Genta Kondo

Genta is founder of Exiii. They have developed a 3-D printable prosthetic arm and have shared their designs with the world.

Ed Harwood

Ed is CSO at the innovative agriculture company Aerofarms, which is leading in vertical farming in controlled indoor environments.

Space / Energy
Norbert Frischauf

Norbert is working on a solar power energy system which collects solar energy in space and sends it back to Earth.

Smart Cities
Jun Yamadera

Jun is founder of EYES JAPAN and is currently involved in FukushimaWheel which aims to collect city data by bicycle sharing.

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