2021 Submission Guidelines for The Innovation

13 steps for getting your article published

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  1. Article topics to avoid
  2. Types of articles to submit
  3. Grammar
  4. Title and subtitle
  5. Images
  6. Body of text formatting
  7. Calls to action and affiliate links
  8. Cited source material
  9. How to become a writer
  10. How to submit your article
  11. Series and columns
  12. Additional notes

1. Subjects we love to include

The Innovation was created as an outlet for you to share your ideas, insights, and research with others. We want to help you help other people make their lives and businesses better and more effective every day. We love to include these topics in our publication:

  • Motivation & Self-Improvement: Productivity, inspiration, motivation, advice, psychology, careers, work, books, and success stories
  • Sustainability & Innovation: Circular economy, zero waste, environment, pollution, disruptive innovation, open innovation, business model innovation, and social innovation
  • Creativity & Design: Design thinking, design tools, human-centered design, creative problem solving, innovation culture, prototyping, product management, and imagination
  • Other Topics: Health, food, sports, education, and anything else you think would fit into our publication that our readers would enjoy

2. Article topics to avoid

We love learning about everything, but we want to focus on ideas, motivation, creativity, and innovation. (Get it? Innovation?) The following topics would find a more appropriate home in a different Medium publication:

  • Religion
  • Sex, erotica
  • Drugs, alcohol, and addiction
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Promotional articles and sponsored content — (We do not publish stories whose sole purpose is to sell a product)
  • Articles offering medical advice on health-related issues
  • Newsletters
  • Parenting
  • Software engineering, programming, AI, machine learning, coding
  • We love that you love writing about writing on Medium, but we limit our Medium writing-related stories to 1–2 per day.
  • UNPUBLISHED DRAFTS ONLY — This is a change to our submission guidelines. The Innovation no longer accepts articles that have already been published on Medium. Any already-published articles will be rejected.

3. Types of articles to submit

The Innovation strives to curate articles that provide its readers with actionable takeaways and well-researched and sound information and wisdom. We are not interested in generic information.

  • Case studies
  • Analyses of the aforementioned subjects
  • How-to tutorials
  • Personal stories that offer an actionable and researched takeaway for readers

4. Grammar

All accepted articles will include proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. It is not enough to simply run your article through Grammarly. We ask that all of our writers make sure their pieces are polished before submitting. Yes, this probably means you will need to read it over a few times.

5. Title and subtitle

All pieces accepted by The Innovation must have a title and subtitle that follow these guidelines:

  • The title and subtitle of the story MUST match the display title and subtitle. (To do this, click on the three dots on the upper right-hand side of your screen and scroll down to “Change display title/subtitle.” Make any necessary changes and then click the “Done” button when you are finished.
  • The title and subtitle must be the first thing on the page (do not lead with your image).
  • Stories may have a kicker, but we prefer that they don’t.
  • Please do not include a hyperlink in your title or subtitle. We love links . . . just in the body of your article.
  • We really don’t like clickbait-y titles. If you make big promises in your title, your article should live up to the expectations you have set for the reader.
  • Here is the appropriate formatting for a title, subtitle, and image:
Image for post
Image for post

6. Images

All images published in The Innovation must have a caption below that credits the source. Even if it is a selfie (we love those). When you upload your photo, you will see a prompt that says, “Type caption for image (optional)”. For us, this is not an optional step. Your images should have appropriate attribution, even if it says, “Selfie: Author.”

7. Body of text formatting

When possible, submissions should be split into well-organized sections using correctly formatted section headings. If you choose to include section headings within your text, we recommend that you highlight them and use the big T on the toolbar. This creates a clear separation between the sections of your article and makes it easier for the reader to navigate.

8. Calls to action and affiliate links

We love that you want to make your writing profitable and that you want to incite action in your reader. However, submissions must comply with Medium’s rules, ad-free policy, and content guidelines.

9. Cited source material

All statements that are not general knowledge or that do not directly relate to any credentials that you hold from a recognized institution must include a hyperlink to published evidence to back up your statement. If, for instance, you make a statement like, “The Foxtail palm tree takes 20 years to grow to maturity” and you’re not a licensed horticulturist, you should link to an article like this.

10. How to become a writer

We are actively always looking for new writers with a fresh perspective on the world. We encourage you to join the growing population of creative minds that are changing the world one article at a time. If you are not currently a writer and would like to become one, please simply write, “I want to be a writer,” in the comments below and we will add you to the publication within 7 days.

11. How to submit your story

If you would like to submit a story, please follow the following steps:

  • Click the three-dot button
  • Select “Add to publication”
  • Choose the publication
  • Click “Save” (don’t forget this step!)
  • Remember that we only accept unpublished drafts

12. Series and columns

The Innovation houses a number of different series and columns. If you would like to view these, please click on the link in the navigation bar of the publication’s home page. If you would like to write a column or series for The Innovation, please send a message to Esat Artug on LinkedIn with the proposed title and description of your contribution.

13. Additional notes

We are grateful for your contributions and we want to make sure that your articles receive as many views and engagement as possible. We reserve the right to make minor changes to your submission without notice. We may make the following changes before publishing your piece:

  • Changing the main image
  • Reformatting section headings and paragraphs
  • Making small grammatical corrections
  • Removing undisclosed affiliate links

Published author, motivational speaker, educator, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: http://eepurl.com/g1Phiv

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