5 Lessons from Working With a Virtual Assistant for 7 Months

And how hiring her has changed my life.

Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash

1. Putting systems in place saves time and money

One of my friends hired a virtual assistant around the same time I did. We went about it in much the same way, having come across Travis Marziani’s YouTube channel, but our results have been different. For one thing, my VA still works for me.

2. Detailed feedback can also save time

When hiring a virtual assistant, I always recommend having a clear schedule for the first two weeks. This is because it’s important to give as much detailed feedback as possible in these early stages. Your VA will be less likely to make the same mistakes twice, they’ll be more productive, and it’ll save you both time in the coming months.

feedback to virtual assistant
Screenshot by author

3. Check-in once a week

I spend less than one hour a week communicating with my VA, either over Zoom or email.

email from virtual assistant
Screenshot by author

4. It’s not hard

Despite what you might think, managing a VA isn’t hard. If anything, it can be really enjoyable. I look forward to the weekly catchups with my assistant.

  1. I don’t give her work I wouldn’t be willing to do myself
  2. I appreciate what she does — If she does a good job (which is pretty much daily), I thank her and let her know.

5. Outsourcing can easily cost less than $100 a month

I had it in my head outsourcing would be way too expensive for me to do. That only businesses making thousands could afford it. Wrong!


When I first started, the thought of outsourcing to someone on the other side of the world terrified me. What if they do a bad job? Or steal my passwords? I don’t usually think the worst but I did on this occasion!

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