5 Stunning Digital Art Instagrams — Phenomenal Female Artists

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Credits: @petrabraunillustration — Instagram

Coming back to Instagram after a few years made me feel like I have missed out on a lot. I don’t remember digital art being this common and this good until a few years back. But now? It’s everywhere and it’s breathtaking! Looks like digital art is the new cool thing.

I was truly overjoyed to find some amazingly aesthetic accounts. While I’m quite impressed by the female digital artists I came across, tbh, I am also a bit jealous of their skills.

To show my love for their work and support women in design, I have picked up some of the coolest Insta handles to share with the world. If you are also someone who can’t resist but save every aesthetically pleasing image in their gallery, you might want to read ahead.

1. Valley of the Virgos

The London based creative is a master of portraits. Every portrait on her Insta grid is not just vibrant but has a fun element to it. Be it the detailing of eyebrows, the cool face tattoos or the funky backgrounds, everything has been crafted with utmost dedication. If you want to get a customized portrait made, you might want to check out her account.

2. Nina

This Poland-based artist makes use of minimal colors but still manages to create breathtaking artwork. The light shades and symmetry that she has maintained, give her account a distinct look. Be it Kim Possible, Anne or Aurora, all her portraits will leave you amazed. She’s also open to commissions.

3. Petra Braun

Regardless of whether you’re a digital art fan or not, every woman needs to follow this one. This Austria-based illustrator has a cheerful vibe. The vibrant colors on her account radiate positive energy and give the message that all women are beautiful, regardless of their shape, size, and color. Be it a woman lying with leopards or a woman sitting on a tree, Petra has done an amazing job illustrating them. You’re simply bound to fall in love with the detailing of her illustrations. Her Frida Kahlo portrait is just too beautiful to ignore.

4. Vridhi Goyal

Vridhi is an Indian graphic designer and illustrator. She might not have as many followers as others (yet) but she is surely here to give others a good competition. Instead of sticking to portraits, she is drawing all sorts of things. Be it a pack of Lays or two women at a flower shop, she has crafted everything beautifully. What I love the most about her artwork is how she has incorporated everyday things and scenarios into each of her illustrations. From women in space, to women who love to skateboard, Vridhi’s account reflects a great sense of women empowerment. If you don’t get what I am talking about, you better check out her account and see for yourself.

5. Garazi Espinosa

Garazi is a Spain based illustrator and while her work is quite different and maybe less vibrant than other illustrators, I absolutely love her uniqueness. Some might think her portraits are creepy but you have to agree, they’re pretty cool. Personally, her artwork’s vibe really piqued my interest. I just wanna print them all and paste them on my wall. Could be a great conversation starter.

[Not quite sure if this is really digital art or traditional]

6. Bonus: Tina Naß

While this one does not exactly fall under the digital art category, it is too good to be left out.

Tina is based in Hamburg, Germany. She has the cutest artwork ever. On the first glance, her Insta will give you a soft pink vibe, which you’ll easily fall for. Each of her portraits is crafted with beautiful detailing. Be it the expressions, skin marks or dress detailing, Tina has put in a lot of effort. If there’s one thing I can suggest that would be to do more florals!

Tina also has an online store where you can buy some really cute stuff (tote bags, stickers etc).

Do you know any other amazing accounts I should follow? Let me know in the comments below!

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