Be brave enough to do what you love

Break free when traditional careers don’t cut it for you, even if it means hustling.

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A new mindset

Going through traditional career paths is not a prerequisite for success

The search for self-actualisation

“The specific form that these needs will take will of course vary greatly from person to person. In one individual it may take the form of the desire to be an ideal mother, in another it may be expressed athletically, and in still another it may be expressed in painting pictures or in inventions.” (Maslow, 1943)

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“Life is about integration and being a whole person, just like a sailboat is a whole vehicle. A sailboat needs multiple parts to operate. It needs to have a secure structure. But security’s not enough or else it won’t go anywhere. It also needs growth — it needs to open a sail and go in a direction, usually a purposeful direction, even with the unknown of the sea crashing against it.”

Your typical christian with a penchant for all things quirky. A recovering co-dependent, an empath, and a perfectly imperfect soul.

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