Delegate, Don’t Abdicate: A Simple Actionable Framework

3 easy steps to delegate like a pro

Share the ‘what’

You should begin with setting the right expectations of the problem at hand and the desired outcome. You are delegating a set of outcomes, not tasks.

Skip defining the ‘how’

You should ideally let the teammate decide how they are going to create the desired outcome. Of course, you could guide them but your primary objective should be to have them come up with solutions.

  1. What resources would they need to create the desired outcome?
  2. If they are committing to create the desired outcome, what all existing projects/tasks might take a backseat?
  1. The teammate gets opportunities for growth and new learning.
  2. You prepare a future leader in your group.

Assess the progress

It’s imperative that you are on top of the progress. It’s not that you don’t trust your teammate to do their job properly but ultimately you are accountable for creating the right outcome. Also, it could be that your teammate is doing this for the first time and might require some coaching to remove the impediments.

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