Golden five rules in your career

I believe that every one of us contains two essences, you can call them the body and the soul, your self and the inner self, the conscious part and the unconscious part. Whatever a couple of names you chose, they exist. And your choices in life always reflect on your unconscious part either in a positive way or in a negative way. So I will take in this article about some very important rules from my perspective according to around 10+ years of working experience.

Work like you own the business

I am not saying don’t search for better opportunities, but whenever you got a job, work with your full power like you are running your own business, being loyal to your work will train your inner self to be like that in all things, you will train your inner self to be energetic to be accurate to be professional. Don’t wait for people to thank you, honor you, or give you more. Just give it all your effort and you will see after that how people trust you and you will see that opportunities will come to you alone.

One of the bad things in my opinion is to not work with all your efforts under the pretext that managers will give you more work. If you give all your efforts you benefit yourself as the first step, then that will increase your value in the head of your managers without feeling.

Happiness is the path to success, not the opposite

Some people think that success will give you happiness, I believe that the opposite is the truth. When you are always happy, enjoying what to do, full of positive energy, understandable, pleased with your current lifestyle, that will reflect on your inner self which will give her more power, more creativity and that will lead you to success in this life. It's all about how much time you are keeping yourself positive, away from frustration, very quickly going over crises, that differs you from other people. It’s exactly how many hours you have riding a car or playing football that makes you outperform others in that.

Helping people is a way to achieve happiness

I believe that one of our missions here in this life to help each other, feeding your wife and babies always have a taste better than feeding yourself. Giving a hand to others, for poor people, for younger people is one of the secrets to live a happy life. Always try to help your colleagues, your managers, interns, give them all your knowledge, and by that time you are training your inner self to be a given more than a taken one. By that time you will feel real happiness, and you will be loved by everyone. Which means you will have more opportunities in life.

And believe me, if the newer generations that you are training did not outpace you, then you are sick with ego disease, cause the life norm is that always new generations should be better than the ones before.

Don’t think ever that you will stop learning one day & Put realistic goals

You should always improve yourself in both scientific and social sides, always you should have a reading list, try to learn new social techniques, try to improve your elocution abilities, try to learn more languages according to the needs, always good habits to achieve small close goals better than better goals that you never achieve, so put realistic goals. Pushing yourself to very small periodic things like reading a book 10 minutes a day will convert that into habits, but you will mostly postpone a big goal like finishing a book in one day and you will never do after all. Create a schedule for your life, make a To-Do list always in every week. And remember that if your inner self trained to do something and it's converted into a habit, you will find it too easily later on to do that habit.

Money is a tool, not a goal. Don’t consume your life only for money

Some people will try to work on anything and accept any opportunities to get more money, I think that that is wrong, choose your own path, and accept opportunities that are aligned to your path and goals. You will be more specialist, more professional and that will make you stand out in the community. And believe me, the money equation is so complicated and it cannot be solved. So your share of money in this world will find you before you find her. So take advantage of your time to focus on your goals in life.

Again I am not saying to not look for better financial conditions, but it is not the highest priority. Choose wisely.

I am a Software Architect and AI engineer that have a great passion for integrating technology with businesses and human life.

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