How Pakistani Mountains have Pierced my Heart

A road trip on the old silk road — Karakoram highway

Photo by Faseeh Shahzad on Unsplash

What do we know (good) about Pakistan?

Five of the highest mountains in the world are in Pakistan! The second highest mountain in the world is in Pakistan and is called K2. We drove by Nanga Parbat 9th highest mountain in the world. It’s no news Pakistan is a home to some of the highest mountains in the world.

Photo by Ajmal Ali on Unsplash

What did I love about Pakistan mountains?

I couldn’t believe how high these mountains are. My husband and I live in Spain and we see beautiful mountains often, particularly in Andalusia. However, the mountains in Pakistan have stolen my heart. When I looked up half a sky is a mountain. Can you imagine how that feels?

No tourists in Sight

Nothing in those mountains is made for tourists. NOTHING! It’s all real. It’s all raw. It’s all so beautiful. In Pakistan, you can do pretty much anything you like. For example, rafting, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing swimming, horse riding, polo anything you want. The list is endless!

When you live in an area where the sky is half a mountain, your soul changes.’

It does just by visiting a place like that. Pakistani mountains are something else. I’m still in awe of it and I want to be back there. To put it all in a perspective the highest mountain in Europe is Mont Blanc 4,809 m. In Pakistan, at 4,000 m you’ll find the largest plateau in the world at that height. There’s a difference! I am not even talking about the heights of those super high mountains!

What was the road trip like?

The trip itself was long. It was 16 hours on the road. However, what a road it was! The views, the mountains, the river, the experience and I will never be the same afterwards. This road is a historical old silk road where the East connects to the West. There are so many stories untold and told on this road. I felt I was travelling on a piece of history.

Pakistan is untouched by tourism and that’s so beautiful.

Is Pakistan dangerous? No. However, if you are making a trip up North you’ve got to make sure you are going in the right season. There are many areas for sliding rocks so it can be dangerous for that. If there’s snow it might be tricky to get through some of the roads too.

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