How to Get Loads of Fantastic Content Ideas

Here are ten absolutely free you can use.

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I like big ideas.

I’m interested in what changes us from the inside out, the concepts that stop people in their tracks and make them think. The actions that make a difference in our world. These are what creators should pay attention to—not the Jones’s across the road with their new Kia Sportage.

I read a dozen books at a time.

Only one of them is fiction.

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Here are the fantastic content ideas from last night’s reading.

1. Can You Trust The Money In Your Pocket?

In Sapiens by Yuval Harrari, he gives us an insight into how humans, by necessity, developed money. How we went from trading corn for a pair of shoes to developing a trading system based on the value of a metal disc bearing the personal word of The Great King So-And-So.

2. Humans will die out in 200 Years — Max.

In “Wit” Rides Again by Des MacHale, he quotes Philip Larkin —

3. This Is How To Stimulate Your Readers.

If I had to choose only one book to recommend to a writer, it would be 100 Ways to Improve your Writing by Gary Provost. I read one tip in the morning and one at night, and I read the book on a loop. When I get to the end, I read from the beginning again.

4. Sex Is Better On Ecstasy — It’s More Sensual.

I’ve no personal experience if that is true or not (you can trust me, I used to be a police officer).

5. The Most Extraordinary Thing In The Universe Is Inside Your Head.

One of the best compliments I had was when a reader compared my book about my Scottish travel adventures to the writings of Bill Bryson.

6. The Strange Effect That Can Kill You

You will have heard of the placebo effect, but have you heard of the Nocebo effect?

Here are the fantastic content ideas from listening to yesterday’s podcasts.

7. Why Did Michael Jackson Want To Be White?

The novel, White Teeth, immediately became a best-seller and won several awards. The author, Zadie Smith, was being interviewed on The Penguin Podcast by David Baddiel about her latest novel, Swing Time.

8. Crime Detections Are At Their Worst.

— since the police stop bothering.

9. What would you do if you knew you would fail?

Life advice isn’t more thought-provoking than this line from Seth Godin talking on The Tim Ferris Show.

Here is a fantastic content idea from talking to my son.

10. Reinvesting Your Dividends Will Make You An Extra $120k.

Okay, he’s just started his YouTube channel and he wanted me to give him a critique. In this one, he was talking about dividend reinvestment. He showed me the chart.

Here is a fantastic content idea from reading Medium.

11. Undersell. Overdeliver.

If I hadn’t found Medium, I wouldn’t have found Tim Denning. If I hadn’t found Tim Denning, I wouldn’t have followed him on Twitter. If I hadn’t followed him on Twitter, I wouldn’t have read his 11 overly simple rules for business. If I hadn’t read his post on Twitter, I wouldn’t have read his #5 rule — Undersell. Overdeliver.

Here is a fantastic content idea from reading a quality newspaper.

12. How To Make A Billion From Gym Vest.

Nine years ago, Ben Francis, a pizza delivery boy, started stitching cool fitness gear at his parents’ house. Today his label, Gymshark, turns over £250 million a year in sales. And he’s only 28.

Curious about the human species.

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