How to Lead When You Don’t Feel Motivated

How I conquer my daily struggle.

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Mind Games

A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Planned Fun — The Reward System

I play a game of blitz chess between each goal. I walk the dogs or run. I polished my floors before I started this section of this article. The timer went off, so it was time to do something else.

The Buddy System

Accountability is everything.

Resist Procrastination — The mood killer

Procrastination is a self-delusion that your future self will be better at something you can do now. Both procrastination and motivation are emotional states. If this is true, eliminating the negative emotion will make you more productive — and happier.

Switch Your Environment

I’ve moved my home office around five times this year.

Extreme Focus and Execution

Tony Robbins says, “execution trumps knowledge.”

  • Read 5 business articles a day
  • Call 50 people per week
  • Read 5 white papers per week
  • At least 5 one-one conversations with team per week


Focus on why.

Founder of COFEBE, Inc. We build tools that make engineer’s jobs easier.

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