How to Leverage Your Corporate Experiences for Your Start-Up

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At an early age, I enjoyed starting clubs, organizing events, and launching fundraisers for my school. My eagerness to work on these extra-curricular activities gave me inklings of wanting to start a business one day. By the time I finished university, I thought about it as a possible career path, but opted to find a job in order to gain more experience while I searched for an idea (discussed more in this post).

Now that I have embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I often think about where I would be today if I had started earlier. Nonetheless, I found my time working in marketing and advertising to be invaluable. Instead of running around in a panicked frenzy, I leaned on my past experience to achieve each milestone. In the article below, I share my experiences and some resources that I hope will be useful in your journey.

  • Creating a Strong Brand — In my role as a marketing executive, I was responsible for launching a number of new products into the market. In many instances, when we launched new campaigns, we would see a boost in brand awareness and sales, and then these results would gradually plateau or even reverse. Here’s the thing. A fancy marketing campaign will undoubtedly give you short-term sales, but long-term success requires a strong brand. What does this involve? Many people associate branding with a logo, but it’s much more than that. It requires a thorough exploration of your purpose, an authentic and relatable story, and a clear articulation of the benefits to your fans, and how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand. This would then need to be delivered consistently over a period of time. It sounds straightforward but is an extremely difficult exercise. One of the first steps I took when I embarked on my venture was to begin with the brand, because I knew that if I didn’t get this right at the outset, it would be difficult to reverse later on in the minds of consumers.

While I approached entrepreneurship in a roundabout way, I am grateful for these experiences and hope it will result in less costly mistakes for my start-up. For anyone who took the corporate path but are now looking to make the jump, you all have a lot of valuable experiences that you can apply against your start-up. You learned more than you believe so don’t discount it!


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