Is Your Boss A Narcissist?

4 ways To tell — And what to do about it

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

1. They Take Credit For Your Work

Narcissists love attention. They love being seen as “the shining star” and will not hesitate to dull your sparkle to get there.

2. They Hog the Spotlight

Narcissists think they know it all, and love to hear themselves talk. Beyond taking credit for everything, this manifests in dominating meetings, presentations, and conference calls.

3. They Use You For Personal Tasks

One key indicator of working for a narcissist boss is that they use you for their personal gain, whether that be running personal errands or expecting you to work on their pet projects.

4. They Make You Mad/Upset/Self-Conscious/Sad/Any Other Negative Emotion

Finally, if your boss is making you feel bad about non-work matters, chances are you’re working for a narcissist.

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