I’ve been writing about data privacy for over a year. Here’s what I’ve learned

Privacy is too big to understand. But do all of us really need to understand it?

Image by me

1. No one cares about privacy

2. Privacy solutions aimed at consumers don’t work; aim them at startup CEOs instead

Why should end users venture several layers deep into their privacy settings just to stop yet another company from tracking their online behaviours?

Finally discovering that Google Maps has been tracking your most visited places — and turning that setting off. Photo from Unsplash, edited by myself.

3. Telling users that they ‘own’ data is completely unhelpful

With this blog post, Mark Zuckerberg made attempts to crystallise the harmful narrative that users ‘own’ their data. That’s completely wrong…

4. ‘Data privacy’ is a misleading term. We’re really talking about data governance.

5. The way we monetise the web is one of the biggest threats to online privacy

Writing about data privacy and tech ethics; dismantling what Big Tech firms are doing in a way that’s easy to understand

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