Post-Mozilla Rust: The Future of the Rust Language

With Mozilla shrinking in total employees, what is going to happen with Rust?

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Rust is going to be okay! 🧡

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Microsoft Loves Rust

This one is far from a surprise, considering how vocal Microsoft is about their relationship with Rust. Even within this very article, you will hear about Krustlet and npm, both of which are overseen by Microsoft Engineering.

Amazon Loves Rust

Many may not even realize it, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not only a strong advocate for Rust, they even sponsor it. As Rust relies on portions of AWS infrastructure to support release artifacts, libraries, source code, and to host, it makes perfect sense.

Google Loves Rust

Did you know that Google is building an operating system called Fuchsia? The mission statement says it all:

npm Loves Rust

A little over a year ago, npm was facing a dilemma: Explosive growth that was gaining steam exponentially, and CPU intensive tasks that were bogging down servers and creating performance bottlenecks.

  • Easy to compile to a standalone and easily deployable binary
  • Fast enough to consistently outperform JavaScript

Many More Companies Love Rust

From Dropbox, Cloudflare, Discord, and Fastly, we have only heard great things about Rust, namely, each companies’ usage and happiness with the language for their major critical services and infrastructure.

Developers Love Rust

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You Love Rust

How do I know this? Because you took the time to read this article — and that means a lot! This article is truthful and meant to reassure you that Rust is awesome and here to stay. Rust is a wonderful way to create memory-safe, high-performance applications and software, welcome to the future.

Mozilla and Rust Love Rust

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