The Fundamentals You Need to Create a High Converting Upsell

Everyone talks about the strategy but not the basics

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What is an upsell?

The reason why people buy

Let’s dive deeper into the psychology of why your customers decided to buy from you. It’s important, as a marketer, to know the exact reasons why your customers convert. Once you know why they convert, you can make better decisions in your marketing.

The ‘yes-or-no’ rule

When creating an upsell offer, use this rule — the ‘yes or no’ rule. It’s a rule I use for my offers. Your upsell offer should only be a yes-or-no option. It shouldn’t be a this-or-that option.

Creating high converting upsells

The key to any high converting upsell is to add value to the existing purchase of your customers. This is where many marketers fall behind. Adding any offer of high value doesn’t necessarily compel the customers into buying them.

Use a single-page offer

Why use a single page offer? It’s to deal with something we call the paradox of choice. The more choices your customers have, the harder it is for them to make a decision. Your customers will get confused and overwhelmed by the offers. Hence, single page offers are the highest converting.

Inject urgency

Urgency isn’t a tactic to sell. It’s a tactic to persuade your customers to buy now instead of saving it for later. This is why the tactic works so well for upsells. Urgency triggers action.

One call-to-action

Your customers have decided to buy your offer and not your competitors’. The next step would be the purchase. Your call-to-action is the guide to this transition. It should be clear, concise, and compelling.

Smooth checkout experience

The checkout experience matters a lot more than you think. Most of the time your customers decided to buy the offer you promoted. The upsell is just an option. Your customers would want to buy the original offer as soon as possible.

Add fewer upsell

This is tricky. Marketers often give upsells which they think their customers would love to buy when in reality they don’t. The reason for this is the upsells aren’t what your customers are looking for when they made the buying decision.


While upsells can increase your cart value, it can also hurt your conversions if applied incorrectly. Always strive for balance when it comes to upsells. Your goal in the checkout section is to provide a smooth checkout process and make them come back for more. That’ll further increase your profit in the long term.

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