The Right Questions to Ask Yourself

Take self-reflection to the next level with these questions

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The Right Questions to Ask Yourself (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

When you’re feeling stuck

What’s stopping me from moving?

We all feel stuck at times and generally, it’s because of an innate fear or longtime assumption. When you inspect all your fears without any self-judgment and bring them to the forefront of your conscious mind, fears can’t hide anymore. This question is helpful because the first step of getting unstuck and tackling fears head-on is to identify what they are.

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Questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck (Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay)

What’s the tiniest thing I can try to get unstuck?

Now that you have a handle on your fears, let’s try to devise one task that you can try to get unstuck. This act needs to be small and doable. Don’t aim for the stars here. For example, if you’re stuck with writing and are unable to get yourself to write daily, ask yourself whether you can start by writing 100 words or 10 sentences daily.

What can I be thankful for?

I truly believe gratitude is the greatest healer of all. When you’re stuck, start small on gratitude and list three things you are thankful for each morning or night or both. And you will see your life turn around much faster than you thought possible.

About those relationships

Am I happy in this relationship?

I’m well aware that this may sound like a selfish, individualistic question to ask yourself. But tell me, apart from your happiness and peace what else will matter on your deathbed? Your life is not a self-sacrificing fest after all.

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Questions to ask yourself if your relationships aren’t making you happy (Image by 5688709 from Pixabay)

Have I tried my best to make it better?

If your answer to the question above is mostly no, then have you tried to work this through with your partner? Do they know what makes you unhappy? You have to make your needs known because no other individual can read your mind, especially when everyone has a lot going on in their own lives.

Why am I not able to leave?

This is a loaded question no doubt. But if you’re not happy and you've tried your best to arrive at a compromise, then you know that leaving is the only other option.

When success seems elusive

Am I doing everything I can to attain my goal?

We normally take the conventional route to success and don’t like to stray from it. But sometimes, off the beaten path lies gems of vibrant milestones. So it’s important to look at other routes often.

What is not working for me?

It is critical to understand what’s not working for you. When deciding on what’s not working, you need to differentiate on what’s truly not working vs. what takes longer to demonstrate results.

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Labyrinth of options (Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)

Am I making decisions from a place of fear or lack?

Often, I find myself making decisions from a place of fear or lack. I have not enrolled in certain writing programs because “it’s too expensive,” or departed from relationships until too late because “I may never find someone else.”

What is the worst that can happen?

It is always helpful to understand the worst-case scenario as it clarifies the least desirable situation and brings it to life vs. having vague, unformed ideas around what could go wrong. When you know the beast, you can think of ways to keep it at bay.

Is there someone I need to get help from?

There’s always someone who’s done what you want to do in the way you want it done. Actively seek out those mentors and learn from them. On the flip side, be available and helpful to mentees when they seek your guidance later on.

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Is there someone who can help me? (Image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay)

About those naysayers

Do they have what you are aiming for?

Finally, about those naysayers, who are too big a proportion of today’s society. These people are everywhere, telling us this can’t be done and that will take ages. They can even be well-intending friends or family.

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