TikTok’s Reach Won’t Last Forever

And it will most likely become an overly monetized platform like Facebook and Instagram

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TikTok Needs Content and Users

Social media platforms capture attention. To do that, they need content. To attract users to publish content on the platform, they guarantee massive organic reach, allowing users to gather a big community, encouraging them to keep producing content for the platform.

TikTok Won’t Be Able to Maintain This System Forever

These opportunities led to more creators, more content, and, therefore, more competition, which means that it now becomes complicated to distribute all this content to their spectators.

TikTok Became Essential to Some Creators

TikTok has to find ways to know which content to show first to its users. The first way to do so would be to do like every other social media platform: content that’s viral needs to be pushed first because if it’s viral, then it’s probably high-quality, and it keeps people engaged in the platform.

TikTok is the Perfect Example of the Shiny Object Syndrome

Because of the visibility TikTok was providing to its creators, lots of them gave up on their other social media platforms to focus their attention and work on TikTok alone.

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