Using Cheat Sheet — I Applied on Rev to Become a Captioner

One good platform to earn some money

K. Khan
K. Khan
Sep 10 · 4 min read
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his pandemic is taking so long and my graduation period has also ended, I was in search of an online platform where I can earn some money.

I heard about rev on a YouTube video, and they say you can earn between $250 to $1150, I thought let’s give it a try, and I did try.

Interesting thing is that you can use Google or any other source to search for answers to the questions while solving the test, and there is a cheat sheet too, that you can also use while solving the most important part of the test.

I’ll explain the whole process so you can also apply and earn some money.

There are 6 steps to complete the test.

Email Id

First of all, like all other platforms you need an email id and a supporting country when you will open the page, you will enter your name, email id, country, and then you sign up.


From the grammar section, your test will start I must say that you need to have good grammar to pass this test because you will be a Captioner, who will do captioning of people video and that is the way you will earn.

In this section, you will solve some grammar issues.

For example:

You can make ____ at home.

You complete the blank with the right option.

You will face 10 such MCQs.

Then, there will come more MCQs in which you will choose the correct sentence structure among the 4 given sentences.

You can you Google or any other platform while solving your questions because this platform itself encourages everyone to use Google or any other source to solve the questions.

Style Guide

It is like a real guide where you can get all the information about the platform, and it is very important that you study everything that is written in the style guide because you will use it when you will do captioning the sample.

There will be more questions when you will end the style guide and those questions will be asked from the guide that is why it is important for you to read everything written there.

In the guide, you will learn, how to break the caption groups at the logical points.

You will put a dash and space when a speaker will start speaking and when the speaker will change even then you have to your dash and space before the new speaker starts speaking.

You have to mention the type of music in the background of the video it is very important to mention that if you want to be accepted I know it is a difficult thing, but you have to do that too.

If there is an introduction of the speaker then you must use ^, by using this your caption will move up on the screen.

You must have the accuracy of writing the words correctly, what the speaker is saying.

When you will sync even then your caption must match the timing as the speaker starts speaking.

Start syncing right after the speaker starts speaking, you can only have a difference of half a second of your caption with the speaker.

Dash Editor

Here you will learn about the Dash editor that how it works, it is a helpful tool, I found it useful when you will do sample captioning you won’t face the problems.

Here you can see how your caption will be written and how you will sync your caption with the video.

Captioning Sample

This section is the most important section of the test, here you will write what the speaker is saying and you will write just as the speaker is speaking, you don’t need to correct the sentence if the speaker is saying something wrong just writes the same words of the speaker.

And as I said that I used a cheat sheet so can you, it is available on the NASA website, I searched for it and I got lucky that I found that cheat sheet there.

It will help you in solving the major part of your test.

Just be careful that you write everything right and sync properly, it should be like as the speaker speaks your caption will appear at the same time.


After syncing the caption properly, you just have to submit it and there will appear another page in which they will say to wait, that they will contact you by sending an email that you got accepted or not.

They usually respond within a day or two days.

It is not like you can only use these techniques on rev, there are no of websites, that offer the same job and they almost have the same process you can use it anywhere you want to use to get an online job by sitting at your home.

Now I have given you all the information, you can try and earn some money during this pandemic.

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K. Khan

Written by

K. Khan

life is full of wonderful failures…

The Innovation

A place for a variety of stories from different backgrounds

K. Khan

Written by

K. Khan

life is full of wonderful failures…

The Innovation

A place for a variety of stories from different backgrounds

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