Why Entrepreneurs Experience Context Switching and Loneliness

When you are juggling multiple commitments, are constantly being pulled in different directions, yet always want to be on your A-game, it may be difficult to find people who empathize. Don’t forget to crowdsource your health.

Let us first understand why entrepreneurs have a higher tendency of feeling isolated.

  1. They are passionate, motivated risk-takers — they want to chase their dreams, even if it is the path less traveled
  2. They want a unique narrative — they are trying to fill gaps in the market, service an unmet need in the market, and
  3. They are hungry to learn, open to opportunities, and want to achieve — they are often on the lookout to network, ideate, and dabble in a variety of experiences or opportunities for growth.
  4. A tendency to become a ‘yes man’ — saying yes to everything. This means that you are constantly operating on the surface, and saying no to something else.

What is context switching, and how does this create a feeling of isolation?

Why is this an important conversation to have?

We always want to be on our A-game. We have clients, customers, employees, and families that depend on us — commitments that we have to juggle well lest it puts us in an emotional rut. Being aware of this allows us to leverage this as a strength, rather than a weakness.

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