When we hear the word depression, the first thing which comes to our mind is of a person who is sad. Whenever we are going through some sort of turbulence in our personal or professional lives we do state that we are ‘depressed’. This depression refers to our momentary state of mind due to the occurrence of a specific event and this can be got over with the passage of time. However there is a darker side to depression. Depression is not just a mood. It is also a disorder also known as Major depressive disorder. The problem which people face mostly is that they often cannot distinguish between depression as a mood and depression as the disorder. In this post we would like to give you an insight into the various symptoms of this disorder so that you can get the required medical attention before it is too late.

1. Insomnia

Films, television shows and even a few celebrities may have portrayed insomnia as a cool thing but this is far from reality. Insomnia or not being able to sleep in the night is one of the first signs of depression and should not be taken lightly. Even if you feel you are having adequate sleep by taking a nap during the day, you face the risk of having depression if you cannot sleep at night.

2. Losing interest in hobbies

Hobbies are something which people like to indulge in when they are bored or to relieve stress. A person who is suffering from depression would lose interest in his hobbies. This change is abrupt at most times. For example, a person who loves gardening decides to ignore his plants one day and this sudden lack of interest slowly becomes an everyday affair. Its often not possible to see these changes in oneself. Therefore it is advised that if you see such changes in your near and dear ones do not neglect it under any circumstances.

3. Overworking

Is there anyone who overworks out of choice? Unless you get extra pay you would never voluntarily work over time. People suffering from depression often feel confused about what they really want. Suicidal thoughts, indulging in substance abuse are some of the common symptoms of this but another symptom which often goes unnoticed is overworking. People overwork voluntarily when they start feeling lonely and start losing interest in other activities. While such work may be appreciated by your superior, from a personal point of view it is alarming.

4. Change in appetite

A sudden increase or decrease in appetite may both point towards depression. Initially when a person starts feeling low they sometimes try to uplift their mood by over eating. This does not only point towards depression but may bring about other complications like obesity or diabetes too.

When a person suffers from chronic depression, the reverse happens. He stops caring about his health and starts thinking about the different ways in which he can die. In such situations people lose interest in eating and often skip meals. It is advisable that one spots the symptoms from an early stage and does not let it slip into the stage where it gets severe.

5. Anger and irritability

Depression is not always sadness. Yes, depressed people are sad but different people have different ways of showing this. A person may not always be quiet and keep to himself when he is depressed. Sudden bursts of anger and getting irritated at small things also point towards depression.

6. A negative change in attitude

People suffering from depression often want to end their lives. This shows in the way they talk or go about things. You may see them using phrases like, “After I die…” or questioning about how things would shape up when they are no more. They might take outrageous decisions too without thinking much about the future. They spend a long time thinking about the phenomenon of death and slowly all their activities start focusing on destruction or death.

If you notice such changes in yourself or in your near and dear ones take medical help as fast as possible. Depression is not something to be ashamed of. It is like any other disorder or disease for which you consult a doctor and take the necessary medicines.

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Originally published at The Insider Tales.